Wednesday Wisdom: Christmas in November?

A frightful Halloween came and went. Like many people, I still haven’t taken down my decorations yet as I’m still easing into the month of November. (I’m also very busy with compiling a major thanksgiving cooking list.)

Others, like my friends have already set up the fake turkeys on their lawn and lit up the pumpkin spice scented candles in preparation for November 24th, one of the most anticipated days of the month. Yet still, others — despite it being the month of Thanksgiving — have already broken out the Christmas wreaths and decorated their houses with strings of mutli-colored lights that come straight off the set of Stranger Things in hopes that Christmas can arrive sooner.

This leads me to the big question: Does Christmas really start in November? Christmas decorations and advertisements are already airing and we haven’t even reached Thanksgiving yet!

Now I admit, once November 1st arrived, I jammed to Mariah Carey’s whole Christmas album and even purchased a whole carton of eggnog! I don’t put up my decorations until December, but for those who do put it up a month early, I agree wholeheartedly that Christmas is truly around the corner. t’s best to purchase those ugly sweaters early with pride!

While Christmas is just around the corner, Thanksgiving break is approaching even sooner. Any New Year’s resolution that you might have about procrastination should start now! Get a planner, talk to your professors about your grades, and do all your homework so that you can have a family filled and worry-free Thanksgiving.

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