We Called Her & Beeped Her, & Now She’s Back: ‘Kim Possible’ the Movie

She said “it doesn’t matter when or where there’s trouble” — if we just call her name she’ll be there. More than a decade later, Disney is creating a Kim Possible live-action film. However, not much has been released regarding what the plot line for the movie will be.

Although the main series ended with Kim Possible and her friends graduating from high school, there are rumors that the live-action film will bring us back to Middleton High School. In the rumored high school scenario, Kim is saving the life of a new friend who happens to have special powers. Others say that the movie will take viewers through a time jump with Kim reclaiming her heroine role after she’s been out of action for a while  — think The Incredibles.

While it would be great to have the original voice actors of the animated show portraying the real-life version, most of the voice actors are out of business making the dream far from reality. Instead, Disney is going to have to pick from a pool of both unknown and well-known actors to portray these beloved characters. Before Disney makes any official announcements though, I have a few choice actors (both younger and more mature) that I think should fill the main characters shoes.

Kim Possible

The role of KP herself is probably going to be the most nerve-wracking actress to be chosen. Whoever is chosen will have the responsibility of encompassing all of the great qualities from the series that made Kim an iconic and memorable young-feminist hero.

My ideas of actresses to play KP would be Karen Gillan or Morgan Jeanette Turner

If you saw the recent installment of Jumanji, then you’ll recognize both of these actresses. They portrayed the same character a quirky, anxious girl, but once sucked into the video game Gillan made Martha/Ruby Roundhouse both lovable and awe-inspiring. She kicks butt through dance. What’s better than that?

Ron Stoppable

A lovable sidekick, who becomes Kim Possible’s boyfriend. An actor selected for this position needs to have great comedic timing and physical comedic abilities. Ron’s anxious personality was loved for his ironic tendency to find himself in danger all the time.

I picture Ron being played by Nick Robinson or Adam Devine.

Adam Devine has been making his rounds through the film world since he became a household name in Pitch Perfect. Most of his characters portray someone who’s confident but a bit oblivious, perfect for the Ron Stoppable Charm.

Nick Robinson is known for his role as lovable, dimwitted River on Melissa and Joey. And more recently he took on a new role as the sweet boy next door from the movie “Everything, Everything.” His youthful energy and expressiveness would be great for Ron Stoppable. Not to mention, both of the characters in Robinson’s two major roles are a bit awkward, which resembles Ron Stoppable.


Wade is the brains behind every mission that Kim went on throughout the series. He provided gadgets, background information and a few great one-line jokes. The actor who plays him needs not only to be believably smart but also, very funny.

I think Tahj Mowry, Kevin Hart or Tyler James Williams could play Wade.

I know I said that the original voice actors wouldn’t take on the live-action role, but Tahj is one of the few actors from this moment still actively acting. He would know exactly what energy to bring because he’s done it before. If he isn’t offered the role or declines, then a great alternative on the younger side is Tyler James Williams. Williams is known for his role as the main character in “Everybody Hates Chris.” He’s had a few other roles here and there, but his most recent job as a technical analyst on “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” fits the tech-nerd role of Wade perfectly.

For the past few years, Kevin Hart has been in almost every comedic-style film. I know to some it might be annoying to add him in this mix, but his timing and ability to create one-liners would be great for a role like Wade who needs to make the most out of each opportunity he speaks.


Monique is the fast-talking, sassy and hilarious friend of Kim’s in the later seasons. This character was originally voiced by Disney queen Raven Symoné. Monique learned about KP’s secret life and even found herself in Ron’s place during some adventures. The actress who plays her should be quick-witted and a bit edgy.

Keke Palmer or Zendaya would make awesome Moniques.

I can’t really think of any current actresses that are both funny as well as dramatic that aren’t too old to play this part, even if they do a large time-jump. Therefore, I think the only two actresses that can bring this role to life are Keke Palmer and Zendaya. Both young women bring a dynamic presence and great physical comedy.


Obviously, a live-action movie means that the once-animated characters are now portrayed in reality. What does that mean for the naked mole-rat? Well, I’m not too sure if they’re going to bring in a real one for a few scenes or use CGI, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens to Ron’s little buddy.  

Sources say that filming is set to begin in April of this year. At that rate, we’ll know more about the new “Kim Possible Movie” before you can ask, “So, what’s the sitch?"