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Watch These YouTubers for Some Major Inspiration

There is so much wonderful content on the vast platform of YouTube.You can search for almost anything and have thousands of search results pop up in seconds.I don’t spend too much time on YouTube, but when I log on, I am always watching the same few channels.These channels are full of positivity, creativity, and useful information.

Living to DIY with Rachel Metz

This channel is all about DIY’s and it is one of my absolute favorites.I don’t even do most of the projects in the videos, but they are so interesting and fun to watch.Rachel, the content creator, makes DIY videos pertaining to specific items, entire rooms and everything in between.She has a bubbly and warm personality, while adding humor to her videos through her occasional sarcasm.She explains everything well and even includes her mistakes in her videos so she can show her viewers that mistakes aren’t the end of the world and how to grow from them.That’s one of the main reasons I am a consistent viewer.I am so tired of seeing these picture-perfect videos and results.Rachel Metz showcases the beauty in DIY projects and all the steps along the journey!Her style is trendy, and she has so many types of spaces she designs and works on, there truly is something for everyone on her channel.

Alli Schultz

Alli Schultz is a content creator that I just recently discovered, but she is so much more than a vlogger.Alli is a boutique owner who vlogs the entire journey of being an entrepreneur and owning your own business, specifically boutiques.I stumbled across her channel when searching for informative videos on boutiques, as it’s an interest of mine, and I hit the jackpot!Her channel is so informative, and she gives insight to topics like income, wholesale orders, pricing, profit and anything else you can think of.She has a calming persona and charming charisma and her videos are nicely edited, and once again, informative!Some of my favorite videos are the ones where she discusses how she takes her inventory and puts it into her systems and how she runs her online boutique.She also has super fun ones where she tours both her locations and gives us the ins and outs on how she choses her adorable aesthetic.She is only 28 and is living her best life, and it is beyond inspiring to me. Hopefully it can be to you, too!

Krissy Cela

Krissy Cela has a lifestyle and fitness channel.Usually, I am not one for these channels as they tend to make me feel more discouraged than inspired.However, Krissy’s bright attitude and helpful tutorials make me want to work out the right way!
She is a vlogger, yet she makes many types of videos.She owns her own business, so she creates videos centered on that, as well as cooking videos, workout tutorials and clothing hauls.She has an incredibly positive mindset but doesn’t stray away from talking about the difficult parts of her fitness journey.To me, she isn’t just one of those fitness gurus who love to boast about their body.She cares about the work she does, and she cares about her supporters.For anyone who wants to dabble into the world of fitness content, I definitely recommend watching Krissy!

Mango Street

Rachel and Daniel are a married couple and they make my favorite photography videos on the entire platform.“Photography tutorials that don’t waste your time” is their slogan.It’s true, most of their videos are short, yet by the end they make me wish they were longer.Their videos are creative, aesthetically pleasing and very helpful.They teach both about the creative side of photography as well as the technical side.They do sponsorships in almost every video but trust me when I say they aren’t like other YouTubers.All of their videos, no matter what they are about, are witty and hilarious, even their sponsorship skits.Not only do I think they are a cute couple, I love the work that they do through their videos and through their photography itself.They even have videos for people who aren’t photographers, but who still want to step up their iPhone photo and editing game.Everyone has their individual interests and favorite creators, and these are mine.I hope you can find joy through these channels as I do and be inspired by all of the information and tips they provide!
Journalism major at the University of Florida.
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