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Volunteering Connoisseur Lucy Rose Reeder

Name: Lucy Rose Reeder
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Major: Family, youth and community sciences
Age: 20
Hobbies: Volunteering at the Alachua County Crisis Center and Peaceful Paths

She volunteers at the Alachua County Crisis Center and Peaceful Paths, and recently shaved her head for the St. Baldrick’s foundation. Yes, I’m talking about the one and only Lucy Rose Reeder. Reeder loves to volunteer for the greater good, and is excited about her new do that has liberated herself and has raised money for the St. Baldrick’s foundation.

Her Campus: What is the St. Baldrick’s Foundation?
Lucy Rose Reeder: “Worldwide, a child is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes. More children are lost to cancer in the United States than any other disease, and more than all childhood diseases combined. St. Baldrick’s funds research to find cures for childhood cancers as well as providing supportive care to patients during and after treatment.”

HC: What urged you to shave your head?
LR: “I decided to do it because I was tired of my hair and I thought someone else would enjoy it more than me. However, a good friend of mine told me about St. Baldrick’s and I thought it would be a bonus to shaving my head. I started the campaign to raise money and got so much support from friends and family. I had a friend in high school that developed cancer and I knew it was a real struggle when she shaved her head. So, in choosing to do so, I liberated myself from my hair and raised money to find cures for childhood cancers. I have known and loved many people who have had cancer. I also did it to stand in solidarity with them.”

HC: How long did it take for you to do this? When you did eventually decide, to donate your hair?
LR: “It took me a few months to decide to do it. I wanted to do it for awhile but it took some time to build up the courage for me. I donated it to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths foundation.

HC: What is your favorite part about volunteering? What made you get into volunteering?
“I really love getting to know people and hopefully making a positive impact on the community. I know a lot of nonprofit organizations depend on volunteers to get their work done, so I like to support that. I started going to an event called the Children’s Christmas Party of Jacksonville in the sixth grade with my dad. We handed out donated toys to lower income families so their children could have a good Christmas. I was amazed at how many people were there and had a passion for helping people that had less resources than I did. I also volunteered at a local soup kitchen every Saturday I could for a few years. I loved the people I volunteered with and knowing that I was a part of a larger system that fed and clothed hundreds of people in my city.”

HC: Do you want to make the volunteer work you do into a job one day?
LR: “I think I will always do some form of volunteering, and I hope my job is the kind of job that encourages it.”

HC: Do you have any advice for friends or family that have recently been diagnosed? Or know somebody who was recently diagnosed?
LR: “I’m really am not an expert on that, but I guess for the friend/family members, listen to the person and validate what they are going through. Let them know you’ll be there even during the really hard parts. As far as the person diagnosed, I have no idea what would make that process easier. Probably having a good support system if possible.”

HC: Do you believe that the United States is close to finding a cure to cancer?
LR: “I really have no idea, but I truly hope so.”

Photo Courtest of Lucy Rose Reeder

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