Valentine’s Day Ideas When You’re in a Long-Distance Relationship

Valentine’s Day evokes mixed feelings from people depending on their current relationship status. Although people many sympathize with those who are single and may feel they don’t have someone to share the holiday with, those in long-distance relationships can be forgotten at times. Long-distance relationships require strong communication, trust and patience to succeed. It can be upsetting if a couple can’t celebrate their happiness and effort on this holiday. Couples might not be able to meet in-person if they are in different states or studying at different college campuses. If you and your significant other find yourselves in a long-distance relationship when Feb. 14 rolls around, here are some ways to make the day meaningful.

Take a trip to see your significant other

Sometimes the best surprises are totally unexpected. Live by this motto and take a spontaneous or secret trip to see your boyfriend or girlfriend. Long-distance relationships are all about compromising and putting in the time to keep the feelings strong. If you were planning to see your lover at some point this spring semester, then set Valentine’s as the day to do it. I’ve been in a relationship for the past five years, and this past  fall semester was our first time doing long distance. Making unplanned and quick trips to our respective universities have been the mid-semester pick-me-up we needed.

When planning a trip to see your sweetheart, look ahead to organize an entertaining activity that will create lasting memories for the two of you. Some colleges such as the University of Central Florida offer discounts to theme parks and local attractions for students. If you will not be able to gain access to student discounts for larger events, opt for a romantic dinner or explore a new spot in the area.

Whatever event you decide to do with your partner, make sure it stays true to who you both are as a couple. Pick something that fits the vibe of your relationship and makes your trip stand out as memorable.

Have a FaceTime date

Video chatting platforms are arguably the most helpful innovation to assist those in long-distance relationships. There are no long-distance billing fees with FaceTime, so it beats regular cellular calling. In addition, you can see your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s appearance and surroundings to make the experience more realistic. If they’re up for being creative, a couple can stage a date over the phone if they cannot meet in person. For example, you could each cook or purchase the same dinner and talk over FaceTime. Although this doesn’t compare to an in-person dinner date, it’s surely the next best thing.

To take this FaceTime to the next level, a couple can dress up and decorate their living space to resemble a romantic atmosphere through background music and dim lighting. This piece of advice is for the adventurous, but can you imagine a special dinner while looking at your significant other through your iPhone’s front camera? This is about as 21st century as it gets.

The mail is your friend

One of the cutest gifts to receive around any holiday is a personalized care package from someone you care about. Send a sweet surprise to your partner by putting together a box of their favorite Valentine’s Day treats and sending it through the mail. You can send anything from baked goods to small stuffed animals and candy. The most important part of creating the care package is customizing it to show how much you care about the other person in the relationship. To ensure this, pick out their favorite sweets and throw in a heartfelt card for that extra sentimental touch. Drug stores such as Walgreens offer Valentine’s Day products both online and in stores. Customers can purchase candy and upscale items such as perfume and cologne. Put together an assortment of heartfelt words and delicious chocolates to make your partner feel loved even from far away.

After paying for items and shipping towards a care package, you may find that endeavor to be a bit pricey. If you are going for the same effect but are trying to ball on a budget, send a hand-written letter instead of a package. All that you have to pay for is the envelope and a stamp. It’s said that the best things come in small packages, which is demonstrated through an intimate letter through the mail. Whether you opt for constructing a personalized care package or writing a letter, either one will make your sweetheart smile.

Valentine’s Day can present many challenges for those in a long-distance relationship. Instead of simply accepting the separation, couples need to try to keep the excitement of the holiday alive. Follow these tips and take my advice to secure an unforgettable V-Day.