The Ultimate 'Once Upon a Time' Lookbook

If you’ve never seen Once Upon A Time, please do yourself a favor and start watching it on Netflix right now. For everyone else, you know exactly how binge-worthy and addictive this ABC show is, and sadly it’s coming to an end (#RIP).

Before we say goodbye to this show, I want to highlight how almost all of the characters featured on the show are serious style goals. While we can’t all run around in large ball gowns, we can take some inspiration from these characters’ Storybrooke-selves — which is a little more our speed.

Emma Swan

Emma Swan is the main character during seasons one to six, and she’s nothing short of a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man (but she ends up scoring a great guy). Okay, I promise no spoilers during this post. Although she’s also gone through more than a couple looks during the show’s progression, she always manages to go back to her classic, edgy style.

You can recreate Emma’s look with a plain t-shirt, some distressed jeans, black booties and, of course, her signature red leather jacket. This is an easy look to recreate if you are out shopping, or even if you have to save a town from a magical curse.

Regina Mills

During the first couple of seasons, Regina is the main antagonist, but I promise, you’ll warm up to her (eventually)Originally known as the Evil Queen, she goes by Regina in the present world and just happens to be Storybrooke’s mayor. I don’t expect many to want to recreate her extravagant looks from her former role as queen, but she does have some killer style outside of the Enchanted Forest.

Regina’s style is very professional and stylish. You can take some tips from her and wear a cute printed dress, a fun blazer and some heeled sandals. You may not be running a town or creating some magical curses, but you can still look amazing doing whatever else you have on your to-do list, but hopefully it doesn’t include wreaking havoc and seeking revenge.

Mary Margaret Blanchard

Mary Margaret is known in the Enchanted Forest as Snow White. She’s such a sweet and kind character (and pretty talented with a bow and arrow). This definitely reflects into her own personal style. The resident teacher in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret dresses like she stepped out of an Anthropologie catalog, and I honestly wish I could get away dressing like that to class.

You can steal her sweet look with a cute floral dress, a comfy cardigan and some cute ballet flats. This is the perfect look for spring or even if you want to impress your classmates during a presentation. You may even attract some woodland creatures in the process.


Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite Disney princess, Belle. In Storybrooke, she’s the librarian (no surprise), but she’s also major style goals. Belle’s style is very classic and typically features her wearing a ridiculously cute outfit with a matching coat, since Storybrooke is located in Maine. While you might not live in the northeast coast and need a jacket 24/7, you can still find some major fashion inspiration.

Belle wears very girly and timeless pieces, so you can pair a cute plain top, a fun pink skirt and some adorable mule slides to complete the look. You can even add a pastel trench coat if it’s a little chilly. This outfit is sure to be a sweet change for your wardrobe!

As you can see, Once Upon A Time offers so much more than a show for Disney fans and the fairytale obsessed. You can change up your wardrobe with some style inspiration from the main characters on this show.

Hope you all tune in for the final season of Once Upon A Time, too!