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UFashion: Valentine’s Day Style Guide


On Thursday, couples will flock to restaurants, picnic in the park, and cuddle up to their loved ones. I know my biggest worry on Valentine’s Day is what to wear. Different dates call for different outfits, but whether you’re going on a hike or out to a pre-fix dinner, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to look cute and festive!

Don’t stray away from the classics, it’s Valentine’s Day — wear red or pink! There are countless shades of red or pink. My personal favorite is rose; when wearing pink or rose, stay away from black heels, instead try nude, or dark brown. The dark brown still gives you the dark contrast, but it is less severe.

However, air with caution. When wearing red and pink—don’t over do it! Stick with one pink item at a time (i.e. dress, blouse, or pants.) Pick one festive look, and then keep the rest of your outfit refined.

Here are some outfit ideas based on your Valentine’s Day plans:

3D flower mesh jumper from American Apparel

Casual: Good for a day date or just lounging around with a bottle of wine. Try neutrals with a hint of soft pink (light pink).

Floating on Flare Pink Halter Dress from LuLu’s

Romantic, Candle-lit Dinner: Feed off of the romantic atmosphere, and dress in a girly ensemble! Try a pink dress with beige or dark brown heels and a belt!

Foreign Film Red Dress from LuLu’s

Downtown: Be sexy! Try a tight red dress with neutral accents. Black and red makes for too severe of a look, remember you want to look sexy — not cheap.

3-Stripes Wind Jacket from Adidas

Active date: Go for a run or play some basketball with your boy. This is the perfect opportunity to show off that body you’ve been working on since New Year’s! Make sure your sporty clothes fit your curves well and not too tight.

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