UFashion: Stylish Sun Protection


This past weekend, I was out in the sun all day without any sunscreen. I looked like a lobster and am now experiencing the beloved peeling process. Needless to say, my weekend contributed to this post's theme: how to protect your skin while still looking fashionable.

Clothing is the single most effective form of sun protection. With summer quickly approaching, we need a defense against the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays (especially in Florida).

Personally, I am a hat person. Hats are always in style and are the perfect accessory to complete an outfit. Here are a few different types of hats you can wear and occasions they are appropriate for! 

If you’re beach-bound for a relaxing day of tanning, I recommend the oversized floppy hat. It shadows your entire face and makes a statement while reclining in a beach chair.

Planning on outdoor activities like volleyball or soccer? I recommend a baseball cap. It’s sporty and will stay on your head while you’re moving around.

If you’re boating, I recommend a fedora. The hat is stylish for the occasion, but it's also tight fitting, so the wind won’t blow it off and into the water.

Even though your face is covered by your hat, don’t forget about your eyes. The sun is not only harmful to your skin, but it can also affect your vision. Look for sunglasses with UV protection and lenses that cover most of your eyes. For all you fisherman out there, Columbia makes a special shirt with sun protection technology that helps block damaging UV rays from reaching your skin. The shirt is called a Columbia PFG Omni-Shade. IF PFG’s are not stylish enough for you, monogram it! It makes the shirt more feminine and personalized.

Now go out there and protect yourself from those damaging rays!