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UFashion: Gainesville’s Infamous “Jorts”

The year is 1997, Jacksonville Fla., the weekend of the Florida/Georgia cocktail party. 

A bulldog fan responds to a Gators heckler with what would become the Swamp’s fashion motto: “Gators wear jean shorts.” Yes, it is the jean-short phenomenon known as “jorts.” Gainesville has been ridiculed, mocked and praised for their controversial obsession with jorts. My vote? Jorts are a must!

Jorts are part of the Gator Nation spirit, and, oddly enough, are becoming a trend. Lately, you’ll see girls showing off their long legs with their micro-cut, high-waisted jorts paired with wedges and a flowy top.

Believe it or not, this has become a go-to outfit for Midtown. Just dress up the casual bottoms with a dressy and colorful top! I recommend something of a silk or sheer material. Don’t forget about playing with accessories — a long, bubble necklace or peacock earrings look great with denim.

Last tip: DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE BELT! Jorts are casual as it is; they need to be dressed up with a colorful belt! Embrace your school spirit, and wear your jorts proudly. After all, UF is the number one school for jorts in the nation.

The Gator Nation jorts look is seen here on UF Alumna, Alexandra Kotler.


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