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UFashion: Bathing Suits for Your Body Type

It’s time for Spring Break! Now, I know with midterms most of us have stopped our GTL routine, but just because you might have lost some tonnage in your tummy doesn’t mean you can’t still rock a spring break bod!

Here are my tips for swimsuits that will flaunt your assets and hide your trouble areas:

Hourglass: You tend to have a large bust and large hips that are similar in measurement. Bikini is a must for you! It looks amazing with your curves! Try a halter bikini top, but look for one with a lot of coverage! Spillage is never flattering. Avoid the mix-and-match trend, too. Solid colors or pattern matching will show off your similar top-bottom proportions.

Triangular: You tend to be bottom-heavy, with a larger waist, butt and thighs. You also have a flat stomach and a smaller bust. Show off your flat stomach with a bikini! But try more coverage on the bottom. Your body-type is meant for a bandeau top with your small bust! If you chose another top, look for adjustable ones.

Inverted triangle: You tend to be top-heavy with large shoulders and small hips. Go for a halter or underwire top! Your large bust needs support, but it also needs to be highlighted. Whatever you do, avoid strapless! The bandeau flattens your bust and causes sagging, which no one wants. Remember to look for separate sizes, like Kristen from Laguna Beach, you want a large top and small bottom.

Rectangular: You have proportional hips and shoulders and lack of a defined waist. This gives you free-reign to try almost any style bathing suit. I recommend adding ruffles or bows to add some curves. Try a skirted bottom to add a little bit of a butt. I like lingerie inspired suits with detailed fabrics, like floral or striped.

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