UF Announces Fan Cutouts for Football

While only 17,000 lucky fans will be welcomed into the Swamp this year for the University of Florida’s infamous game days, cutouts could stand in fans’ places. 

Although very different from the in-person experience, this optional game day alternative provides fans with a way to still be present in sections 28 through 44 of the stadium for UF’s five home games. For $99, Gator fans can submit a photo of themselves for a cutout that will be placed in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, according to the website

Olivia Sweeney, an 18-year-old health science freshman, expressed her disappointment that she would be unable to attend football games in-person this year. Although she said the cutouts were a creative idea, she could not see college students paying the amount asked for one. 

“I probably wouldn’t do it just because I don’t want to spend that money,” Sweeney said, “but I’m sure people would — probably more adults than students though.” 

Cassandra Garzia, a 19-year-old computer science and digital arts sophomore, said she also thinks that the money could be better used elsewhere. 

“I just feel like being in the stadium with cardboard cutouts is just kind of weird,” Garzia said. “They’re just sitting there; I don’t think there’s a valid reason for having them.” 

The cutouts will remain in the stadium throughout the season and will stand at 2.75 feet tall. After the end of the season, fans will receive their cutout by either picking it up or by having it shipped to them. If fans choose to have the cutout shipped, it will cost them an additional $20. 

University of Florida alumna Judith Rogers, who graduated in 1987, debated buying a fan cutout for her daughter, who is a current student. The specific nature of the photo submission process kept her from following through with the surprise, however. 

As specified in the photo guidelines document, fans submitting photos are allowed clothing supporting only the Florida Gators. The tip sheet also recommends using a solid backdrop for the photo, which should be taken from the waist up. In a disclaimer on the page, a statement conveys the Gators’ right to reject images they find inappropriate. 

“What’s really funny is that when I was seeing it at baseball games,” Rogers said, “I was saying, ‘Oh, that’s so stupid,’ but as soon as they offered it for Gators, I was like I love this idea.” 

Orders must be submitted through the website by Sept. 30 to be ready in time for UF’s Homecoming game on Oct. 3. Those submitted after this deadline will be placed in the stadium by the second home game.