TV Time With Tranelle: YouTube Creators That Could Revamp Television

The YouTube creator space is continuing to grow in 2018. More people are beginning to legitimize the content space as a platform with a huge viewing audience. As a result, more creators on the platform are developing less trending five-minute content and more television produced programming that you could see on television. If you haven’t been on YouTube lately or only find your recommendation filled with reviews and reaction/commentary channels, then here are a few great creators you are missing out on.

Shane Dawson

Arguably regarded as the king of YouTube, Dawson has been uploading to the video-sharing website for more than a decade. Throughout his tenure on the site, he’s changed his genre or type of content multiple times with only positive response from his viewers. About two years Dawson changed his YouTube and moved into the world of longer content with his documentary series. Dawson’s series do the things that all influencers and regular viewers want – unveil the truth behind the biggest stars on the platform. What started with a docu-series on Shane reconnecting with his estranged father has become a successful series following the lives of Jeffree Star and now, Jake Paul. What makes Dawson’s content so revolutionary on YouTube is the fact that it’s real, well thought out and edited. The way Dawson treats each case so independently and carefully resonates with viewers. Many viewers, as well as other YouTubers, have commented that his series needs to be on Netflix or Hulu, but so far he hasn’t been offered anything on a higher level. It’s the hope of many that his content continues to get so much attention and become almost impossible for a larger streaming program or cable station to ignore.

Philip DeFranco 

DeFranco is also a longtime YouTube vet. He began his successful channel The Philip DeFranco Show in 2007. The daily news-style show has DeFranco at the center as he discusses current events in politics, government as well as pop culture. His videos range from about 10 to 25 minutes making it perfect for a 30-minute syndication. DeFranco’s ability to share news in an interesting, short format with some added commentary makes the program both entertaining and informative.

Niki DeMartino 

Following in the footsteps of Shane Dawson, Niki DeMartino, one half of the Niki & Gabi YouTube channel, decided she wanted to make a series revealing the truth to the secrets or criticisms that many of her friends in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle community are subject to. While the editing of “ The Truth Behind” may be inspired by the work of Shane Dawson, the idea of the series came after Niki published a video about her struggles with her eating disorder. She said in a follow-up video that after reading all the positive and heartwarming responses from her viewers she wanted to create a platform for more influencers to come clean about their struggles. This video series is great for TV because it brings back the nature of sit down daytime television where people would come and just talk without fear of how it would be received.

Gabi DeMartino 

Gabi DeMartino is the other DeMartino twin who is making her own unique stamp in the YouTube space. Gabi is known for her fancy, frilly, vintage and upscale sense of fashion and design. Her vlog channel, FancyVlogsByGab, frequently depicts her “fancy” lifestyle that many commented resembled Chanel from Scream Queens. DeMartino said that she was very influenced by the fashion on the show and fell in love with the characters, especially Chanel. Thus, when the show was canceled and ended after the second season, DeMartino was crushed. Unlike others who would hit the online forums and write about the injustice, she took things into her own hands and brought back a version of the show. On October 3, 2017 Gabi released her own show on YouTube called  Blood Queens obviously inspired by SQ. The series is written and produced by DeMartino, filmed by her longtime friend, videographer and photographer Michael Leddy and stars her friends. Each episode garners hundreds of thousands of views from Gabi’s 2.1 million subscriber count. Many fans of Gabi and the show feel that the spinoff has the potential to be successful as another television series.

The Try Guys 

In 2014 the world was graced by the presence of four men at Buzzfeed who had little embarrassment and a desire to try different things. When Eugene Lee Yang, Ned Fulmer,  Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld came together magic was created on the screen. Once fans demanded they be in more videos together, a friendship blossomed and the Try Guys were born. The group recently left Buzzfeed and began their own company and YouTube channel. Recently, the group has begun making more videos that go on episodically and don’t have a resolution after one video. The mix of vlog style editing with the reality style makes their videos more personal and enjoyable to watch.

Tim Tracker 

If there were ever someone made for the Travel Channel it would be Tim Tracker. The Florida native has created a brand and following based on having the ultimate vacation or tourist experience almost every day of his life. Tim and his wife Jenn have annual passes to practically every major attraction and theme park in Florida. Both individually and together the two vlog their experiences in the theme parks or at attractions experiencing them in new ways for their viewers. The way Tim is able to capture the entire experience and make viewers feel as though they are right there with him would transition very well to television. A show about experiencing Florida or any other state seems like it needs Tim at the helm to direct and star in it.

Thanks to all of these creators with a dedicated subscriber base and engaging content, Youtube's future is looking bright. But if they can make the transition to TV, all the wonderful content can be even more accessible with just a change of the channel.