TV Time with Tranelle: Coming to a Computer Near You

It’s 2018 and unless it’s included in your apartment deal or you’re at your parent’s house, you likely don’t have cable. Everyone watches Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services. Here’s a look at some of the shows premiering on these services and returning for new seasons.

Hot on Hulu

Into the Dark - The dark, horror series is set to premiere online on Oct. 5. The monthly series by Blumhouse Productions follows a horror event that is specific to every month. First of the 12-episode event will begin with "The Body, which centers around Halloween night and a hitman who “carries out his work in style.” 

Light as a Feather - The new thriller follows the lives of a group of teens who decide to play the "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" game together. Former Disney star Peyton List stars as one of the teens who get caught in Pretty Little Liars type of trouble. After the experience with playing the game, supernatural experiences keep happening and harming these friends. Now, those left after figure out why they are being targeted before they all find themselves dead. The series will be available on Oct. 12.

The First - First is a mini-series starring Sean Penn about a new space race. Rather than making it to the moon in this new series, astronauts are in a race to become part of the nation to be the first people on Mars.

New on Netflix

Insatiable- The controversial Netflix original has been renewed for a second season. This series faced a lot of initial backlash due to its portrayal of plus-sized women feeling ugly and seeking revenge because of their size as well as the justification of revenge. Despite the hesitation and objection from Netflix subscribers, many continued to watch the series and found the overall conclusion is that it’s reasonable. Thus, the company has gone forward with a new season for the show.

Nappily Ever After - Sanaa Lathan stars in Netflix’s newest drama about a black woman’s journey of self-discovery. In the trailer we see Lathan detail the moments of her childhood that made her hair seem like the most important part of her as a black woman. Once she experiences a horrible breakup she decides to cut it all off to find who she really is as a person.

American Vandal - This mockumentary of true-crime series follows students and friends Peter and Sam who decide to solve a wrongful suspension and possible conviction at their school. After a successful first season, the show has come back to solve a new crime. Now, they have traveled to another school to answer the call of a student who wants help solving the case of the turd burglar. The crime satire uses student interviews and shaky-cam footage to present the feeling of live footage.

Free on Facebook Watch

Although it may be news to some, Facebook does create its own original content now, following in the footsteps of other streaming services. Here are some the newest titles available.

Sorry for your Loss -Elizabeth Olsen stars in the web television series that follows the life of a woman who is trying to put her life back together after the unexpected death of her husband.

Human Kind of - This animated cartoon follows the life of Judy a teenager whose life gets turned upside down when she learns that her father was an extraterrestrial. Now, Judy must try to overcome the typical complexities of a teenage girl while also surviving life as a half-alien adolescence. 

Streaming is the future and we're living it and loving it with these new shows. Be sure to follow these releases and see how you fare with the original and gripping content coming to your computer screens in the next month.