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TV Show-Themed Party Ideas for any Occasion

For the most part, whenever I hear people discuss their weekend plans, they tend to be either 1.) going to a bar in Midtown, or 2.) going to a club or bar downtown. If I’m being perfectly honest, neither of these options particularly appeal to me. But there’s always another option — hosting your own themed party! Here are a couple ideas for making your next Friday night fun without making you leave the comfort of your house.

Harry Potter theme: I’ve been the ultimate Harry Potter fan since the second grade, so needless to say this is at the top of my list. Have your friends dress up according to which house they identify with (hopefully not Slytherin, but no judgement if they do). Making homemade Butterbeer is easier than it seems — there are plenty of simple recipes on the Internet. You can label your drinks with names inspired by ones in the movies, such as Felix Felicis (liquid luck) and Amortentia (a love potion).

The Office theme: My friend actually hosted a graduation party with this theme and it was perfect. Give everyone a personalized Dundie award as a party favor. Hang pictures on the walls like Pam’s drawing of the office and Angela’s jazz-babies poster. For bonus points, have a hot dog eating contest that would make Michael Scott proud.

Parks and Recreation theme: Make all the food with abbreviations that Tom Haverford would use: chicky chicky parm parm for chicken parmesan, or you could keep it simple with just a ’zerts (desserts) table. If it’s a small party, include extremely personalized gifts like one Leslie Knope would give. (Remember when she gave Ben a replica Game of Thrones throne?) Make homemade “Knope 2012” stickers for everyone to wear and a sign to take photos with.

“Come as you are” theme: I don’t know if anyone else religiously watched all of the Mary-Kate and Ashley VHS movies back in the day, but I definitely remember the one where they host the “come as you are” party. The point is that your guests have to wear whatever they had on when you invited them to the party. I definitely think this could make for an interesting party — I’m sure there would be everything from pajamas and workout clothes to fancy dresses and onesies.

Get creative — there are so many different ways to incorporate your favorite scenes from your favorite shows. So make this weekend a little different and treat yo’self and your friends to a themed party!

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