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Travis Goin ‘16

As finals week approaches, the UF campus seems to be consumed with exhausted, gloomy students. This week’s Campus Cutie is shining a light in the middle of the end-of-semester blues. He describes himself as spunky, shy and friendly. Meet Travis Goin!

Travis is a junior studying construction management. He’s a fun 20-year-old who has a dying love of coffee and Beyoncé. Travis is a Tallahassee native who’s involved with the Florida Cicerones and Preview Staff. Like many UF students, his favorite memories of college take place in The Swamp on Saturdays. “With Cicerones, I get to go work with the football recruits and go on the field before and during the games,” he said. While he’s at UF, Travis plans to check going to the annual Florida vs. Georgia game off his bucket list.

You may see Travis hanging out at the Starbucks on Archer Road or at the Fine Arts Library. More than any other musical artist, he would love to see Beyoncé in concert. “She’s just amazing and the queen,” he said. Not many people know this about Travis, but he’s a hip-hop fitness fanatic. His favorite television show to watch is Fixer Upper on HGTV. “They design these really good houses. It’s in Texas and it’s so cheap. The couple that does it is also the most perfect couple in the world. It’s probably the realest show on HGTV,” he said.

During finals week, Travis likes to relax by eating his heart out at Chipotle. He also occasionally likes to treat himself at Relish in Midtown. Over winter break, Travis plans to relax at home with his family. His favorite part about the holiday season is getting presents. “Is that bad to say?” he laughed.

Travis is currently taken. His ideal first date would be going to Starbucks. “If they can’t love coffee then I can’t love them,” he said. In a significant other, Travis looks for someone with ambition who chooses their battles wisely. If he was trying to make a move on someone, he would say, “How much does a polar bear weight? Enough to break the ice. Hi, I’m Travis.” Travis’ celebrity crush is — you guessed it — Beyoncé.

After graduation Travis hopes to move out of Florida. He also has a couple of dreams he hopes to fulfill. “Physically, I have this draw to want to live in Austin, Texas. I also want to be building million dollar homes, maybe one for Beyoncé,” he said. For now, Travis will be busy in Gainesville obsessing over Beyoncé.

Kelly is a sophomore studying telecommunications and English at UF. She is the Campus Cutie writer and couldn't be more excited for her first semester on the Her Campus UFL team! Kelly is an avid traveler, coffee lover, and Netflix junkie. She is also a member of Delta Zeta and a dual citizen of Canada and the United States. Kelly spent her summer at WWSB ABC 7 as a digital media intern. She hopes to one day produce and write for television in a city like New York or Toronto.
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