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The Top Five Agendas to Start Off 2020

The new year is officially upon us.

This can mean a lot of different things, but for most, it’s a fresh calendar with blank pages.

While the beginning of this decade seems to bring endless opportunities, it can also be intimidating. Where does one even start?

For me, a new agenda is the perfect place. 

Fresh starts spark ideas and goals, and there’s no better way to manifest those ambitions than writing them down.

These trendy and functional planners are sure to ignite inspiration.



First on the list is this dreamy agenda from Valfré called Gal with A Plan. The name sums it up perfectly.

This is for the girl who loves pastels and plans.

Adorned with colorful, themed artwork, there won’t be a dull moment with this schedule. 

Additionally, the brand is super inspiring.

Started by Mexican-born artist, Ilse Valfré, the mission of the company makes you feel good about supporting. 

According to its website, “Valfré’s mission is to bring her art to life by creating unique products that are a direct reflection of the psychedelic world that she has created.” 

“Her work explores the poignant tension between vulnerability and confidence as she transports her audience into the hearts and minds of the characters that she creates.”


This desk pad isn’t your traditional planner and it’s quickly become my new favorite thing.

When sifting through planners in Target, I realized a lot of the options had extra pages that I didn’t really need.

The Ink+Volt notepad divides tasks into sections that make perfect sense.

Using just the two adjectives “urgent” and “important” you’ll be shocked by how productive you feel.

I tend to spend too much time on the wrong things, and this tool really helps me realign my focus.

Fair warning: once you start checking things off of this list, you won’t want to stop. 

Its website description sums it up perfectly: “You have a lot on your plate. What are you spending the most time on? Make sure you’re focused on what really matters with this genius priority pad that makes it easy to see what you’re prioritizing.”

Archer & Olive

For the girl who wants complete control over how she organizes her life, bullet journaling may be the way to go.

So, many of my friends swear by setting aside time every week to sketch out new pages.

After some research, this seems to be one of the best notebooks on the market. 

With thick pages that don’t bleed and simple yet sweet designs, this DIY schedule offers creativity within the chaos. This bumble bee pattern is my personal favorite.


This bold planner is so much more than just a fill-in calendar.

For those who want something more fun, this schedule is scattered with colorful, sticker-filled pages, quizzes and even a trippy 3D page.

Sometimes, looking at your hectic week visualized on paper can be overwhelming.

With this option, you can just flip the page for some quick stress relief. 

This brand is quite cool, as well. 

On its website, Bandō introduces itself as “optimists who aspire to be better than great and less than perfect and firmly believe that being upside down is much more fun than being right side up.”

Fringe Studio

I’ve been purchasing yearly agendas from Fringe Studio for a while now, and I’m never disappointed.

The layout of every planner is classic, with no fuss.

The covers, however, are consistently on trend every single year.

I always look forward to seeing its new patterns and releases. Especially this peachy 2020 planner.

Hope some of these agendas inspire amazing intentions for 2020!

Madeline is a second-year Journalism major at the University of Florida. She loves rainy days, trips that revitalize your soul, and speaking up for what she believes in. She strives to use her voice as a catalyst for conversations about the female college experience and equality for all. See more of her life on Instagram: @maduhlinemurphy & more of her work at: www.madelinenmurphy.com
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