Tinder: What Is It Good For?

Many of us have been through the trepidations of the terrifyingly addictive app called Tinder. Deep down, we know that as we swipe through the sixth Brett or the third abs pic or the fourth brother of Sigma Apple Pie, that we aren’t going to find Mr. Right — a billionaire philanthropist who has the looks of Sam Heughan and the sexual discourse of Christian Grey. What we’re looking for is a distraction.

I’ve been on Tinder before and I have sworn I will never do it again, much to the dismay of my best friends.

As I was scrolling through the Tinder account of one of my guy friends, it was strange to see my profile among the hundreds of girls in a 20-mile radius. Then I saw him swiping left and right vigorously. He swiped right on blondes, the occasional brunette and any girl who was ripped in a bikini. Girls not in those categories, like myself, were swiped left on.

What do guys want on Tinder?

The big question. What are guys looking for on Tinder? We know the basic response tends to be “a good time,” but I spoke with my friend Jeff who informed me on the inside scoop of what a guy on Tinder wants.

Bodacious bodies

When I asked him what the difference between a girl wearing a turtleneck and a girl wearing a tube top was, his response was that the former is cute but the latter is hot. The right swipe went to the girl in a tube top.

“Tinder is for hookups, not for a relationship,” he said.

A quick fix

The second, and last, thing is the quick fix ideology Tinder is seen as. It’s easy to find someone near you just to text for a little while then ask if they’re DTF. If the response is yes, then they’ve managed to achieve the whole point of the app.

Things to remember if you want to use Tinder:

Be yourself and don’t think that you have to pretend to be someone you’re not or alter the way you look to get a couple of matches. Chances are that the guy who you’ve super liked isn’t the one for you. And don’t thrust yourself into something you’re not ready for — hookups aren’t essential to the college experience. If they’re something you’re comfortable with, then remember: safety first!