There is Power in The Color You Wear

No — it’s not just your favorite color.  

But if you think about, you’ve probably worn it in the past two weeks.

Power colors! They are a must, a necessity, a staple in the closet, but many don’t even know what it is. Yet, if you look in your closet nine times out of 10, you already own it and treasure it.

So what is a power color?

To put it simply, a power color is exactly as it sounds. It is a color that gives you power, or more adequately, makes you feel empowered. This is a color or hue that creates a sense of confidence and self-awareness.

Is it just your favorite color?

No, but it can be. While it can be both things, in most instances a power color isn’t your favorite color because it’s one that you save for specific moments such as a birthday or a job interview. Your favorite color is a color you enjoy aesthetically. A power color is the one you put on for rare occasions.

How do I find my power color?

I found my power color through looking at the color that made me feel the best when I wore it. The easiest way to do that is to take your favorite color, if you have one, out of your closet. Then look at every item left, is there a color that dominates your closet, or an item you wear a lot because of its color? If you say yes to the question above, it most likely isn’t a happy accident.

Do colors actually have power or is this just a myth?

Many people don’t know about power colors and when they find out about it they can’t really believe the idea that a color can affect their mood, which can change the outcome of events. The truth is that there is a psychological evidence to support the influence of colors. Scientifically color has the ability to convey and communicate meanings and messages without words. You can easily recognize business and places by color.

Emotion vs. practicality

The power of using specific colors is both emotional and practical. Emotionally you can become attached to the color and what it means for you. Whether that means it brings out the color of your eyes or your skin tone or you associate it with a good memory or feeling.

In terms of practicality, certain colors are better for different situations. If you want to stand out in a business setting then wearing a subtle version of your power color can make you stand out from everyone else wearing traditional colors.  

Can power colors change or be added?

Absolutely! As you go through life and get older, the color that makes you feel your best is going to change. It can also change seasonally. The seasons alone produce different emotions and during that time of year wearing certain colors can make you feel happier in the grey weather or warmer in the colder weather.

Overall, you don’t need a power color to have a great sense of fashion, but it adds a sense of individuality and personality to even your most basic outfits. Even during a bad finals week or a job interview, wearing you power color can make you feel ready to take on anything that is thrown at you.