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To my curly haired girls: your hair is beautiful, and you should embrace it. I find that the greatest way of embracing your hair is properly taking care of it. I can’t be the only one who loves the feeling of clean, combed hair!

However, there is so much information out there and it can be so overwhelming. I remember spending hours searching the internet, trying to come up with the best hair routine for myself. After trying what felt like a million different methods, I came up with the one that has truly worked for me so far!

STEP ONE: Co-wash

Call me crazy but I will never use shampoo again! Shampoo used to leave my hair feeling dry and weak. I then discovered that many shampoos are alcohol-based, and it was stripping my hair of its essential oils. Since switching to using a co-wash, my hair has been hydrated and restored of its essential oils. I love co-wash, because it gives the benefits of shampoo without the negatives. It leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth after applying it all over. It is most effective when used from the roots to ends. I gravitate toward using As I Am Coconut Cleansing Conditioner as a staple product in my hour routine!

STEP TWO: Conditioner

This is the golden ticket to silky, healthy curly hair! I have found that using sulfate-free conditioner has been the very best for keeping my hair healthy. Sulfate-free benefits any curly girls with colored hair as it prevents the dye from fading as easily. More benefits of going sulfate-free are reduced frizz, and it will help the curls hold their shape. I have abandoned combing in the shower with the classic Wet Brush and switched to a wide tooth comb. Since the adoption of the wide tooth comb in my curly hair routine, I have been able to fully work through all of my knots. I absolutely love using DevaCurl One Condition Original, but Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Conditioner for Thick Curly Hair is my backup go-to!


I refuse to gatekeep the amazing serum that is Zero Frizz Keratin Corrective Hair Serum! This has become my go-to serum since a fellow curly girl recommended it to me. The keratin in the hair serum helps to reduce frizz and improve the volume of your curls. I have found that after applying serum straight to my hair after rinsing the conditioner with a combination of It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, my hair feels smooth and the curls are ready to pop! Both products not only make my hair smell amazing, but the keratin in both help reduce the frizz that grows once I step into the Florida humidity.


If you have never experienced the dry feeling of your hair between wash days, I am jealous. I tried every silly trick in the book to help my curly hair hold its moisture, but none ever worked. When I found myself staring at so many different oils in the Sally Beauty store, I asked a fellow curly girl for help. She guided me to the holy-grail oil that is Hollywood Beauty Jojoba Hair Oil. Ever since then, I have not experienced the terrible times of feeling like my hair had the moisture sucked out of it. I used to overlook the importance of oil, but the smallest amount makes all the difference.

STEP FIVE: Gel/Mousse

Scrunching and styling is the true final step of any curly girl hair routine! I personally love balling on a budget and using Ecoco Style Professional Styling Gel Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil. Not only is it affordable but it makes my curls look incredible! I have discovered that there is such a thing as using too much! I hate when my curls get that crunchy feeling, but when I use a moderate amount of product, I realized I no longer have that problem. This step is the most crucial even if you are only styling your hair for bed.

Even if you insist that you have set up the most amazing hair routine, there are always still so many products to learn about and choose from. My biggest tip to preserving your hair at the end of the day is a silk pillowcase or a silk bonnet. This keeps my curls looking perfect during the day and night! Go embrace those curls and make them healthy and happy!

Reader, writer. I love to write and read anything. The world is full of things to learn more about.