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Target Experience: Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy


As the stress of finals is dwindling and yet another school year is drawing to a close, summer is in full swing! 
Here are a few things to keep you afloat for any type of summer you may be having (Take a guess at where you can find them — Target!):

This floaty is perfect for a relaxing summer. Whether it be at the beach or pool, this reclining float is perfect to lounge in. It sits above the water making it easy to read a book or a magazine while catching some rays on the water, and it’s only a mere $22.69!

Are you heading to the Derby, a golf tournament, or maybe a garden party? Every southern belle needs a nice big hat if she plans to make an appearance at any of these events. This hat would be perfect with a white or navy sundress on a normal summer day, or you can pair it with a red ensemble for Fourth of July! Not only are wide-brimmed hats perfect accessories for the summer, but they also prevent sunburn, which in Florida is a definite must!

During the summer, you shouldn’t be afraid to shake up your professional wardrobe a bit! If you have an internship or are working in a professional-type work environment a sharp white jacket is a perfect staple piece like this long-sleeve peplum jacket. While black is always appropriate, summer is a great time to wear lighter colors. Who says you can’t wear white to play up a summer glow in the office?

Hope these items have helped you plan your summer! Have fun, catch some rays, and most importantly — RELAX!

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