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The Target Experience: Getting Through Exams


The home stretch between spring break and summer is probably the hardest time of the school year. Knowing how close we are to summer can make it extremely difficult to stay focused on exams and keep working hard until it’s finally over.

Here are a few tips and quick finds at no place other than my favorite store (Target) to make studying for exams just a little bit easier:


Color Code! (Papermate 5-pack: $3.50) 
A pack of pens like these are great for writing notes with. If you haven’t done this throughout the semester, its not too late to start! Studies have shown that color-coding notes in any way that seems logical to you will help you remember concepts. You may choose to write notes in a single color, but write key words in red or use different colors for each section of the chapter you are reading. The possibilities are endless!

Stay Organized; Keep a Schedule! 
The way you stay organized really depends on personal preference; however, you should keep some sort of schedule. Personally, I have a planner that I write major events in, but every week, I keep a running list of “Things to Do” in a journal like the one pictured above. I personally like to put things in list form and be able to cross them out as I finish a task. I will say that I have eliminated a lot of stressors in my life by staying organized like this! Especially in a stressful time like exam week; staying organized will make you feel a lot better!

Treat Yourself! 
Exams are most certainly a stressful time, so it never hurts to have your favorite treat on hand! I have found that there is no better pick-me-up during long hours of studying than to have a little sweet (or sour) treat! You’ll be surprised at how easily this can recharge you!

Hope you enjoy these little tips and quick Target finds to improve your exam week! Study hard, and all your work will pay off!


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