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Target Experience: Easter Tips and Treats!


Happy Easter weekend, collegiettes! Or Passover, if you celebrate that. Here are a few tips and treats you can find at my favorite place: Target!

Easter Egg Non-stick Cake Pan 
This cake pan is possibly the cutest thing ever! Along with decorating real eggs as an activity with friends or family, bake your favorite cake in this decorative pan! They will obviously come out looking like Easter eggs, so it is a perfect opportunity to get creative and decorate them with different color icing and sprinkles! Although decorating actual eggs is a super fun Easter themed pastime, decorating egg-shaped cupcakes is a fresh and new take on an old pastime. It is a great way to change it up this Easter!

Although I have not personally seen this movie, who can resist this cover? It’s adorable! Watching this movie around Easter could even start a new tradition in your household! Over the years, my family has made a tradition out of watching Elf the day after Thanksgiving. This movie could definitely entertain the family! If any of you have younger siblings, like my younger brother who is 9 years old, they would certainly love a movie like this!

Porcelain Deviled Egg Dish 
Although this type of tray is traditionally used for holding deviled eggs, this could be used to hold your decorated eggs instead. With all the eggs placed on this tray, it could be used as a centerpiece or just as decoration in the entryway of your home or on a shelf. It would also be super cute if you placed a golden egg in the center opening!

Hope these tips have prepared you for Easter — it will definitely be egg-cellent!

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