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Taco Bell Collaborated With Forever 21, & It’s Pure Magic

Have you ever felt the desire to wear your love for Taco Bell on your sleeve? Well, fear no more — because we live in 2017, and you can, in fact, wear Taco Bell on your sleeve. (No — you literally can.) Aside from the Taco Bell merchandise shop that’s already online, which has a lot of spicy accessories, the fast-food Tex-Mex chain is teaming up with Forever 21 to offer clothing for everyone. Here are some of the items to be included in the promotion:

Graphic T-Shirts

While this T-shirt may be minimalist, it definitely sends a clear message. You could pretty much wear this top with anything and make a statement with it. It’s an interesting top to wear whether you know or not it's from the Taco Bell x Forever 21 collaboration. You can purchase this top by clicking here.

The Taco Bell x Forever 21 Collection also has a plus-size section that features T-shirts and bodysuits. One of the designs includes this shirt, which features three of the different hot sauces Taco Bell has on its menu. I think this is a fun, quirky shirt that one can wear for a casual outing like going to class. Click here to check this item out.


This shiny purple jacket features a short zipper and the Taco Bell logo featured all over the sleeves. I’m not a huge fan of the short front zipper (I personally like full zippers), but I do like the fact that it has zippered pockets. The purple color is also pretty, and would make a good addition especially for the fall season. If you’re interested, here is the link for the full view of the product.

Body Suits

This “spicy” bodysuit features a clothing adaption of the hot sauce packet that Taco Bell offers in stores. In my opinion, it’s one of the standout pieces from collection due to the fact that it wholly embodies the iconic Taco Bell sauce packets. You can view this item on the website here.

I get a very retro feel from this bodysuit. It may be from the design or the colors, but I feel like I’m transported back into the '90s just looking at it. Here is the link to the body suit if you’re interested in checking it out.


This black-and-white hoodie features a checkered Taco-Bell logo design and a cropped raw-hem. Raw-hems aren’t my favorite for shirts or hoodies, but I like them for shorts and skirts because they add a certain flair to outfits. You can purchase this hoodie by clicking here.

If you’re interested in snagging a T-shirt or two from this promotion, the official release date for both online and in-stores is October 11. Items are selling out fast, so you won’t want to miss out on this spicy collaboration!

Photo credits: all images are from the Taco Bell x Forever 21 website.

Elena Kallergis is currently a 4th year Advertising major at the University of Florida. Her passions include ballet dancing, drawing, reading, traveling, and rock climbing. She loves flowers, cats, fashion, chocolate chip cookies, cheeseburgers, and anything to do with the color peach. Outside of class, you can either catch her eating while attempting to study or just eating in general. Follow her on Instagram @elenamika.
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