Surviving the End of Semester, as Told by The Office

The second half of the Spring semester might just be some of the most strenuous weeks of a college student’s life. Spring Break is behind you, summer is tantalizingly looming in the distance, and all the while, you’re stuck smack dab in the middle. Every college student knows this struggle, and our favorite people from The Office know what's up. Here are some thoughts that are sure to be running through our heads during this final stretch.

Spring Break is over, so you walk into all your classes like...

But your lecture is so boring, so you just reminisce about the great week you just had. You would do anything to be back at the beach.

You know you have to start cracking down because finals are just around the corner. But the motivation is just not there.

All your professors are trying to make you memorize absurd amounts of information.

And they continue to give you a boatload of assignments.

The real icing on the cake is when your professor tells you your final is going to be cumulative.

So you decide to get a jump start on studying, but...

And having to study chemistry just isn’t fun…

You decide to go to the exam review your teacher talked about, but everyone there is asking dumb questions and it’s honestly just a waste of time.

You start to pretend that finals and homework and essays don’t exist anymore. You’re over it.

You decide to study with friends to make it more bearable, but you don’t get anything accomplished.

You find out your teacher gives +/- grades, so your 92.4 percent will actually be hurting your GPA.

But you have no time to wallow because you have a six-page paper due tomorrow.

So, naturally, you use the best sources for your research.

You spend so much time in the library you lose track of what day it is. Plus, you’re exhausted...

... and delusional.

You try to maintain a healthy diet so at least one part of your life is in your control.

But, your efforts fall short and the reality looks a little more like this.

Before you know it, exam week is upon you.

You walk into your exams like...

You know this exam is going to be long and hard.

But afterward, freedom is yours.

And it'll officially be summer, which means a whole lot of this...