Summer Lovin’: Sizzlin’ Date Ideas


Final exams are over, and now it’s time to put some effort toward summer plans. With summer love being in the air, here are some great date ideas for the heat that will keep you from repeating “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

1. Kite Flying 
Flying kites is a perfect activity date for the couple who isn’t too sporty, and it is a fun way to keep things interesting without breaking the bank. You’ll be laughing hysterically trying to get the kite in the air (really, it’s not as easy as it looks), and once it’s up, you can lie back on a blanket and catch some rays.

2. Get Tourist-y 
Living in Florida, you can’t go anywhere without seeing a line of tacky beach stores. But hey, get in the spirit of summer vacation, and make a day of it! It’s not the most romantic date, but laughing at those ridiculous tourist T-Shirts can break the ice. If you want to keep the tourist-y vibe going, grab an ice cream cone and talk a walk down a boardwalk… After all, this is Florida.

3. Go for a Cute Bike Ride 
Going for a bike ride is a great summer date, especially if your final destination is a picnic. A bike ride is a fun way to spend some time together outside. Wait for a day with a breeze, grab a cute floppy hat, and pump up those tires!

4. Go to an Aquarium 
I think it’s an understatement to say that Florida summers are unbelievably hot. Take a break from the heat and visit the aquarium, where the cool, dark rooms will be a fun alternative to a generic date day.

5. Day at the zoo 
Kick the ol’ “dinner and a movie” date to the curb, and go on a mini safari trip to the zoo. The two of you will have a great time looking at the animals, riding rides, and feeding animals. This is a really chill date that doesn’t require a lot of planning or a huge time commitment. You won’t feel rushed moseying from one exhibit to the other, which will give you enough time to have some great conversation.

Have a great summer, collegiettes! See you in the fall!