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Summer Fashion Guide

Summer is a time that embodies pure bliss for all students, especially collegiettes. It means no more classes, tons of concerts, trips to the beach and seeing friends and family you haven’t all semester. But it also means stowing away your jeans and sweatshirts and opting for summer apparel. You’ve got it all in your closet, from flip flops to hot swimsuits. We’ve got the tips to sort it all out so you can figure out the perfect ‘fit for the festivities that are in the steamy months ahead.

Lunch With The BFFs

WHAT TO WEAR: A simple sundress
WHY: Your sundress will be a staple all summer long, but be sure to save it for those fro-yo and lunch dates with your best girlfriends. Its simplicity let’s your natural beauty shine, but of course, you can accessorize. This classic piece is delicate and girly, perfect for an all all-girls outing.
Dress: Wet Seal, $20
Music Festival/Outdoor Concert

WHAT TO WEAR: Denim shorts, a tee and sneakers
WHY: Outdoor shows can get hot with the summer sun and crowds of people, so the Florida staple of short shorts is perfect for the occasion. Pair them with a bright colored tee to make your outfit unique. Sneakers are a MUST, or your feet will get really bruised from everyone stepping on you. Bring an over-the-shoulder bag so you won’t ever have to put your belongings on the dirty ground while at a show.
Tee: Delias, $17
Shorts: Hollister, $35
Bag: Old Navy, $20
Sneakers: Vans, $42
Beach Trip

WHAT TO WEAR: Swimsuit, tunic, denim shorts
WHY: This look is easily achieved, comfortable and a favorite of the guys. Pair off your cut-offs with a tank, tunic or bathing suit top and accessorize with a couple of bangles, an oversized bag and a fedora. This look screams, “I’m ready to hit the beach!” because you look totally comfortable and ready to soak up the sun. But try your best not to look grungy. Put a little effort so that you still look good!
Tank: Forever 21, $11
Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch, $38
Bathing Suit: Jack Wills, Top, $39, Bottom, $24
The Fourth of July

WHAT TO WEAR: Striped shirt, shorts, accessories
WHY: The Fourth of July always arrives with stars and stripes. Dress for a fun Independence Day whether you’re going to a BBQ, a party or just hanging around with friends and family by pairing a striped shirt with twill shorts. Roll up the sleeves of your button-down during the day when it’s scorching and roll them down at night when you’re watching fireworks and the summer breeze is blowing. Add a little festive fun with themed accessories from Claire’s.
Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch, $68
Shorts: American Eagle, $30

Karina Cuevas is currently enrolled as a freshman at the University of Florida, Class of 2014, as a Journalism and Political Science double-major and a German and Business Administration double-minor. Born in New York, she moved to Orlando, Florida with her family 6 years ago and is now residing in Gainesville, Florida, thus experiencing life in both urban and rural areas. When she isn't watching E!, obsessing over Gossip Girl, working part-time at Hollister, singing along to Taylor Swift's songs, shopping, or baking, Karina enjoys journaling, taking photos around campus, and spending time with her friends and family. Because she's interested in fashion, music and journalism, after college Karina hopes to move back to New York City and land a job at a prominent magazine. (Because magazines aren't dead.) ♥
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