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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Football season is an exciting time here at the University of Florida. From dancing at tailgates to belting Tom Petty in the stadium, cheering for the Gators brings us all together. However, shortly into my college experience I realized it wasn’t just about the game.

Game days are the perfect opportunity to show off both your spirit and style, and when I was a freshman, I was completely unprepared. In my UF-bound suitcase, you would find some ripped jean shorts, an orange tank and my dirtiest Converse sneakers. That being said, there’s nothing particularly wrong with that outfit. It’s classic, simple and got me through some of those edge-of-your-seat games. But if you’re looking to take your football season fashion to the next level, I’m here to offer some ideas. 

Streetwear meets sports 

Streetwear is the urban fashion trend currently dominating your social media feed. Inspired by skaters and surfers of the ‘90s, the look manages to remain casual while still expressing a unique sense of style.

How does one combine this trend with our school colors? Many fashion influencers suggest starting from the bottom of the outfit and working your way to the top. Athletic sneakers are an integral part of streetwear. They look trendy yet are also practical, which is the goal for the days you’ll be on your feet awhile.

Check out these chunky white sneakers with a high platform – it’s the perfect shoe to pair with any game day outfit. If you’re worried about how messy tailgates can get, then try these! The bright pop of color is guaranteed to make you stand out.

Next up, my personal favorite streetwear trend is a killer pair of utility pants. Decorated with cargo pockets and chains, these joggers give an edge to any ensemble. I found this royal blue set and this bright orange buckled pair, making either one a trendy choice.

Lastly, pick a top that complements the rest of your outfit. I’m currently obsessed with using buckles as straps, like this on-par tank. Once you’ve put together your ideal streetwear ‘fit, top it off with a bucket hat or beanie and hit the stadium. 

Game day Gingham 

On the opposite side of the spectrum from the edgey, hardcore look of streetwear, a more feminine and flirty game-day vibe exists. Gingham prints have been the wave for a couple of months now, and I’m here for it. When I see gingham patterns, I automatically think of summer days, complete with fresh watermelon and sparklers. While we’re currently moving out of the summer and into fall, game days are still a great chance to break out the fun design.

I found this orange halter top that perfectly captures the essence of the trend. Pairing the top with a simple wrap skirt creates an outfit absolutely perfect for those extra hot-and-humid game days. If you want a little more coverage and plan on jumping in the stands during touchdowns, maybe pair the top with a skort! Throw on a pair of blue heart-shaped sunglasses and a classic white slip-on shoe, then go take some pictures! 

Put me in, Coach

Nothing screams school spirit more than wearing the team’s uniform. If you want to go above and beyond simply sporting orange and blue, invest in an oversized jersey that will practically put you on the field. In this true-blue jersey, you’re winning the game for sure. If dressing like the players isn’t necessarily your style, take some inspiration from our cheerleaders.

These tailgate clothes from Lo + Jo have you covered. Sport an athletic apparel look with the perfect game day cheer skirt and high-rise socks. Finish off this getup with some space buns and glitter highlight, and get ready to cheer on the old boys of Florida. 

Bringing it back 

My last piece of advice isn’t necessarily an ensemble, but where to look for one. Shopping for game day clothes can be expensive, especially if you only plan on wearing the outfits during football season. Some of my favorite pieces (such as the jersey in the cover photo) are actually vintage styles.

The search for these retro items can be difficult, but when you come across something unique, you’ll know it. Trends from past decades are making an enormous comeback, but you don’t have to break the bank to participate in the movement. I recommend shopping on sites like Etsy and Depop if you want to find pieces that set you apart from the crowd. 

While I hope you enjoyed these style recommendations, always be true to yourself and have fun while doing it. I can’t wait to see how everyone styles their orange and blue this football season. Go Gators! 


Madeline is a second-year Journalism major at the University of Florida. She loves rainy days, trips that revitalize your soul, and speaking up for what she believes in. She strives to use her voice as a catalyst for conversations about the female college experience and equality for all. See more of her life on Instagram: @maduhlinemurphy & more of her work at: www.madelinenmurphy.com