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Style Guru Ana Gabriela Teran

Name: Ana Gabriela Teran
Born: Miami, FL
Age: 20
Major: Telecommunication (on the production track)
Year: Sophomore
Hobbies: Photography and film, drawing, watching old classic films and collecting vinyl records

It’s not every day that you know someone who gets featured on MTV’s Snapchat stories, unless you know Ana Teran. Teran is a YouTuber and fashion blog writer for CollegeFashionista. Keep reading to learn fun tidbits about this fashionable Gator!

Her Campus: What does fashion mean to you?
Ana Gabriela Teran: “Fashion is something I like to call a form of walking art. It allows me to express myself in patterns, textures and colors. Whatever mood I am in, dressing up always makes me feel happy.”

HC: What sparked your interest in fashion?
AT: “My interest in fashion was catalyzed by always being exposed to art. I was always an ‘art freak’ since I could pick up a pencil. My parents have always taken my siblings and I out to galleries and concerts since we were really young. Seeing such creative minds and seeing how they presented themselves definitely inspired me to make a statement with what I wear. All throughout elementary, middle and high school I was forced to wear [a] uniform. Now being in college, I have definitely been able to showcase my creativity.”

HC: How would you describe your style?
AT: “My style isn’t really boxed into one category. I love European fashion, but I definitely enjoy experimenting and incorporating a little bit of everything, especially unique pieces.”

HC: Do you prefer making videos for your YouTube or writing fashion blogs on CollegeFashionista.com?
AT: “I prefer making videos for my YouTube. I control the content I want on my channel and prefer the process of visually representing my style in a movie format. I really enjoy the editing process and adding music. The music shows the kind of mood or vibe I want to transcend through the outfits. As for writing fashion blogs on CollegeFashionista.com, I enjoy them as well, even though I have to follow a set of guidelines for each post. It takes a lot more precision and is limited to a couple of photos and a written piece.”

HC: What advice can you give to people who are trying to amp up their style?
AT: “It is important to know that you can’t let what you think others will think of you influence the style choices you make. Finding a style takes time. You have to let yourself experiment without fearing that others will find what you wear as ‘silly’ or ‘strange.’ Stick to what you, and only you, feel the best in.”

HC: You were recently featured on MTV's Snapchat story. How did you react when you saw yourself on their page?
AT: “I was definitely really excited. I also got featured on their website, so it was really nice to be recognized on multiple media platforms. It feels really great to see hard work pay off.”

HC: What do you aspire to do with your love for fashion?
AT: “I am really interested in fashion journalism and someday working for a fashion magazine. I also love aspects of filmography. I would love to participate in creating video content for fashion brands and companies. I will probably create a personal style blog for now, since I want to expand on writing and continue growing in the fashion world.”

Photo Courtesy of Ana Gabriela Teran

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