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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Call me crazy, but I hate studying at the library. Something about the library makes it so difficult for me to feel motivated, but alas, I have spent my first few months discovering the best study spots that the University of Florida has to offer.

Newell Hall

This is known as the 24/7 space that the University of Florida has to offer. I find it to be the quirkiest place on this list but the best for collaborative learning. If it is ever late and the quietness of the libraries aren’t cutting it, make the walk over to Newell Hall. It promotes collaborative learning, a medium volume, and the most unique seating on campus. It doesn’t beat the comfort of the Reitz but who doesn’t love a chair that rolls with a desk portion attached? Coolest thing ever.

Pugh Hall

To best describe Pugh Hall, it is the perfect combination of lecture and study hall. It is so loved by students because it provides spacious seating and offers a quiet volume. Many students – including myself – love coming early before lectures to study there. This is an amazing study spot for anyone who values a low to moderate noise level! Just a small warning for the summer semesters: preview staffers host sessions so it can get loud and crowded.

Reitz Student Union

For my loud ladies, Reitz is my favorite place to be! It happens to be one of the reasons Reitz is overlooked as a great study spot. It is sometimes disregarded due to the volume and high traffic, but it really has the most comfortable seats on campus. Plus, nothing can beat the proximity of the food court! But, the real best-kept secret of the Reitz Union is the free printing.

Plaza of the Americas

Embrace the beautiful campus we are at and study in the Plaza of the Americas. Once the weather goes from sweltering hot to a beautiful breeze, Plaza of the Americas is the place to be. It is full of amazing hammock-hanging spots and Krishna lunch in the afternoon. You can feel the bustling energy of UF’s campus here!

Opus Coffee in Norman Hall

I fully agree with anybody who says something about how coffee shops make them so productive. When I know I need to focus on an assignment, I prefer the coffee-shop ambience and make the walk over to Norman Hall with the amazing Opus Coffee. Personally, I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like Opus. It is such a beautiful place with amazing vibes.

Smathers Library

I feel like I am at Hogwarts the second I step into Smathers Library or more commonly known as Library East. If you decide to make the trek up the gorgeous staircase, you will find a perfect study area that is the most quiet location for me to study on campus. It may be hard to focus with the beautiful architecture and daydreaming about being in Hogwarts. If you are willing to brave the strict security, it’s the best place to be.

Pascal’s Coffeehouse

This is my favorite place for my early morning study sessions. The exterior is the most gorgeous ever, but the inside boasts two-stories, a balcony and the most comfortable seating. When I googled cafe atmosphere, I expected Pascal’s to show up! It has amazing coffee and the best pastries when you need your morning fix. I love watching the sunrise as I get to studying and feeling productive.

Computer Science and Engineering Building

Best known to students as the dungeon, this is the place to be if you are ready to focus. It lacks windows so if sunlight is your thing, I would recommend somewhere else on this list! It’s quiet because it’s popular for engineering students to come when they really need to concentrate. If you are feeling old-school, it even has a chalkboard available for use!

The University of Florida holds truly amazing study spots including libraries. For my non-library gals, I see you and this list goes out to y’all. For my ladies feeling close to burnout and in need of a change of scenery, try something new and you may even find a better secret study spot! Keep studying and go gators!

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