Student Style Spotlight: Victoria Trieu

This week’s Student Style spotlight is on Victoria Trieu, a 20-year-old marketing major from Parkland, Florida. She’s been developing her style since middle school and the result is a look that’s effortless, edgy and fun. Read on to find out what inspires her and how she got into fashion in the first place.

Her Campus UFL (HC UFL): How would you describe your style?

Victoria Trieu (VT): "I would describe my style as edgy, polished and vintage-inspired. I like to add a lot of bold statement pieces to my outfits, so, for example, I’ll add bold jewelry or statement pieces, or add a pop of color to my outfit. I really like to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to styling my outfits, because I like to stand out or wear pieces that people don’t usually find in their closet. So very bold and edgy pieces."

HC UFL: What made you get into fashion? Was there a defining moment, or was it something you've always loved?

VT: "I wouldn’t say there was a defining moment, but my mom is one of my biggest fashion role models. She’s always dressed me up for school, ever since I was in elementary school, but I think middle school was when I started exploring my style. Since middle school, people have described me as the girl who dresses up and is very stylish."

HC UFL: What are some trends you’re excited about right now?

VT: "I’m really into blazers right now -- like black, checkered or white-colored blazers. They can really make a casual outfit feel dressy if you throw it on. They can also give you a really polished or classic look by just throwing it on."

HC UFL: What’s your go-to outfit?

VT: "My go-to outfit would be my distressed pair of denim jeans — I got them in a thrift store in China and I literally wear them all the time. I would usually pair them with a simple, brown belt, with any color crop top, and my white Adidas sneakers."

HC UFL: Who are your style inspirations?

VT: "I have so many on Instagram; it’s so hard to keep count of. My biggest fashion inspiration would be @koleendz. I love her because all of her outfits are very bold and very edgy, but at the same time they’re super classy. My second favorite would be @x_carms. All of her style is also very bold but also very casual so I look up to her whenever I need everyday inspo. And lastly, this is a person I just recently discovered -- her name is @aerincreer. Her style’s very grungy and she does a lot of color coordination and she teaches her followers about the color wheel and how you can adjust your outfits to certain colors and patterns, so I’ve learned a lot from her."

All three of them pull vintage-inspired looks, so they like to pull a lot of their pieces from thrift stores or any vintage boutiques and turn [their looks] into something very modern, in their own type of style.

HC UFL: Tell me about your favorite piece of clothing.

VT: "My favorite piece of clothing would have to be my ripped pair of denim jeans. I can always dress them up and dress them down; they’re very versatile to work with. I can wear them on a school day with some plain sneakers and a crop top but I can also wear them when I go out with a really nice blouse and high heels. So that’s like my biggest statement piece in my closet."

It was a blast talking to Victoria — she’s so inspiring and has amazing style.Follow her on Instagram (@victoriatrieu) for even more style inspo.