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Starbucks Announces Its Holiday Merchandise Collection

On Sept. 26, Starbucks published a detailed article about the reveal of its 2019 holiday products. In true Starbucks fashion, it debuted its merchandise for the winter season within the first few days of fall. The Washington-based company plans to launch an array of reusable cups, seasonal flavors and improved gift card designs. If guests bring any reusable cup into the store with the purchase of a beverage, then they will receive a small discount on the drink, which motivates buyers to try Starbucks’ new items.

Iridescent Cold Cup – Bling Platinum & Neon Pink (24 oz.)

Although the bedazzled cup has existed in the past, Starbucks is adding a new pink version just in time for the holidays. Despite neon colors not fitting the typical aesthetic of winter, some may perceive the bright drink accessory to pair perfectly with the celebration of the new year. The 24-ounce cup is usually used for venti sized drinks, but Starbucks will easily accommodate your request if you wish to use the cup for a smaller coffee, refresher, tea or frappuccino. The price is not explicitly listed in the article, which leaves consumers to assume it may be more expensive than the other products offered because of the elaborate design. I’ve personally seen the platinum cup in person, and it truly catches the eye. In addition to its unique texture, this cup would make a perfect gift for someone you love, or you can use it as a “gift bag” to stuff goodies inside.

Mirror Glitter Gold Cold Cup (24 oz.)

This cup truly resembles the star on top of a Christmas tree and encapsulates the fuzzy feeling of the holiday season. The base of the cup lies underneath a white film that resembles snow and cascades up into a shiny gold finish. My personal prediction is this item will sell out because white and gold are staple colors year-round, so the cup isn’t solely tied down to winter. The cup is advertised at $18.95, which may be seen as pricey for plastic, but as mentioned previously, you can save 10 cents off a drink when used in the store.

Pink Cold Cup (24 oz.)

The pink cup is the perfect purchase if you still want that iced coffee when it’s freezing outside. According to the Starbucks website, the product is “double-walled” to ensure drinks will stay colder for a longer period of time. Although the cup appears see-through online, the mirrored appearance of the cup is supported by a bubbled design that adds that extra touch as opposed to advertising a plain, rose-colored item. Like the gold cup, it is also priced at $18.95 and flaunts the Starbucks brand towards the lid.

Green Confetti Tumbler (12 oz.)

The confetti tumbler appears to appeal to those who appreciate warm drinks as the temperature begins to drop. The cup is only 12 ounces and is about a dollar more than the 24 oz. cold cups listed earlier; this is most likely due to the heavier materials used in the production of the item. The tumbler embodies the Christmas spirit by rocking red and green confetti, along with a few pops of other colors.

Glitter Gradient Pink Cold Cup (24 oz.)

This cup is my personal favorite, and I will definitely be looking into buying it for the holidays and beyond. The pink glitter adds a sense of fun while the gradient makes the cup sleek. Starbucks charges $22.95 for this piece of merchandise and prides itself on incorporating “just the right amount of sparkle.” I predict this product will fly off the shelves due to its unique qualities and versatility for the entire year, so be on the lookout when it hits the shelves.

Gold Water Bottle (20 oz.)

The gold water bottle is a sophisticated addition to Starbucks’ new line of holiday products. It has a resealable cap, which is essential for those traveling with their drinks. The container works for everyone because it can be used year-round and reduces the use of plastic water bottles. In addition, I know that whenever I get a new cup it motivates me to drink more water. The bottle is listed at $22.95, but I don’t believe that will stop customers from pursuing the purchase.

Starbucks Christmas Blend

The Starbucks website emphasizes that the holiday blend has been enjoyed by customers since 1984. The Christmas Blend is sold as whole bean coffee and is sourced from all over the world. The beans are aged “three to five years” and is also sold in a decaffeinated version. Each one-pound bag is $14.95 and is advertised as a gift idea.

Starbucks Cards

Starbucks is releasing new holiday gift card designs this winter. Each card can be loaded with a minimum of $5 up to a maximum of $500. The gift cards can be swiped in person or uploaded to the store’s app to be scanned electronically. You can give a loved one an individual gift card or pair it with one of the cups or even an actual bakery treat. This is a great alternative for long-distance gifts or if you’re in a hurry.

Starbucks is gearing up to display its new holiday items in stores nationwide. Although the company is known for its coffee business, it sells plenty of other beverages for those with other tastes in mind. The up-and-coming merchandise is great inspiration for gift-giving ideas and a kickstart to celebrate the holidays.

Lindsey is a junior public relations major pursuing a minor in event management. She is a senior editor for Her Campus UFL.
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