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The Stages of Summer, as told by Dwight from The Office

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

You did it! Your essays have been spell-checked and submitted, your semester projects have been perfected, and your finals are finished. Summer has finally arrived! But there is no denying that after the excitement of summer sets in, your fun-filled break goes through some specific stages. Our favorite eccentric character from The Office, Dwight Schrute, eloquently explains these phases.

At first, you’re just happy to be done with all your responsibilities.

Freedom is yours and you’re so happy, you are practically bouncing off the walls.

You reunite with all your friends back home.

It feels great to be back with your crew.

You guys plan all these fun things to do together and expect to spend the summer partying it up.

You’re ready to hit the beach and are feeling super confident this bikini season.

You spend a few days relaxing at the pool.

But eventually, you start running out of things to do, so you just kinda do a whole lot of nothing.

Binge-watching Netflix seems way more appealing than anything else.

Hanging out with anyone but yourself seems like too much effort.

But before you know it, summer is coming to a close.

And the depression sets in.

The thought of having to do work again leaves you feeling like this:

Before you know it, you are back at your university counting down the days until next summer…

Happy summer, collegiettes!