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The Stages of Post Spring Break Sadness

So, Spring Break was the greatest week of your life, and you are on a complete high. But now it’s the week after Spring Break, a.k.a. the worst week of your life. Here’s the series of events after Spring Break week that we can all relate to.

First you come back to Gainesville after Spring Break and you’re still in a cloud of euphoria like…

Then you look down at that post-spring break body, and think so that’s what seven days of nothing but margaritas and beer looks like.

You begin to realize that your week of no judgment is over, and you can’t continue to have a gordita crunch from Taco Bell for breakfast every morning.

You show up to class on Monday and look like a deer in headlights when your professor starts to go over new material she expected you to have already read.

Before you know it, midterms are here and you have absolutely no idea what is going on.

You no longer have anything to look forward to until summer, unless you are one of the lucky few who still has a formal coming up.

Deep down in your heart, as much as you try to pretend, you know Midtown cannot compare to all the exotic beach bars you became accustomed to over break.

Speaking of the beach, it is now at least two hours away.

This means your tan will rapidly fade, in addition to your soul.

Or you can act like me and ignore all the bad and continue to live every day like it’s Spring Break!

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