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The Stages of Getting a Bikini Body Before Summer

As soon as the weather warms up, we are bombarded with magazines, commercials and media filled with supposed tips and tricks to get a “bikini body” by summer vacation. As the pressure mounts to have this perfect body before we hit the beach, here are some of the struggles we all face when trying to diet and work out in preparation.

You first start to think you need to diet when you try on your favorite summer shorts and the zipper won’t close…

You start to panic, wondering how this all happened to you.

You get to the gym on day one, all pumped and super ready to get in shape like…

Halfway through the workout you can’t feel your legs, and you contemplate quitting right then and there.

When your friends suggest a diet, you can’t believe they’ve offered such foolish advice.

But after deciding that the whole running thing isn’t for you, you give in and try out a diet. Things are swell until your first salad.

After a while, your tastes begin to adjust and you think, Hey, maybe vegetables aren’t all that bad

… until Friday night when your friends want to get All You Can Drink beer from 9 to 11 p.m., and you can’t drink beer on a diet.

Once that happens, it’s all downhill… All you can think about is bae. And by bae, I mean pizza.

Suddenly you realize it’s not even worth it, and you cheat on your diet.

Because, after all, we know that getting a bikini body is a lot less complicated than those magazines would have you believe.

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