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Spring Has Sprung

Break out your cutest tops and shortest shorts, collegiettes, because the warm weather is finally here! After months of weathering the cold and layers upon layers of clothes, spring has finally arrived. The time for bright colors and floral prints is now, which is why I was beyond happy to run into Emily Crooke looking like a breath of fresh air. Emily was sporting her Spring Break tan and wearing a flowy white top and adorable colorful printed shorts. This fashionista looked cute and confident as she strutted her stuff across campus. Keep reading to learn more about Emily’s fabulous style!

Name: Emily Anne Crooke

Age: 19

Year: freshman

Major(s): business administration and Spanish

Where is your outfit from? “My top and shorts I purchased from a small boutique back in my hometown in Parkland, FL called Mona’s. My purse is Michael Kors as well as my watch, and the bracelets and earrings are both Swarovski.”

What do you look for when it comes to fashion? Now truly confident with the person I am on the inside, I search for fabulous fashion trends to reflect my inner poise and grace! My clothing can definitely be described as classy, elegant and dazzling.”

Who are your favorite designers? “My favorite designers are Michael Kors, Lush, Ovi, Elan Hot & Delicious… I don’t tend to stick to just a few; boutiques are usually filled with many designers!”

Where do you like to shop? “I love shopping at small, trendy boutiques. While they tend to have a smaller selection than bigger retail shops, I never have to worry about having the same outfit as someone!”

What are your favorite trends right now?I am absolutely loving the long-sleeved rompers. Whether for a walk on the beach or a night out, long-sleeved rompers are simply perfect.”

What are you currently obsessing about in your closet? “I am currently obsessed with my Michael Kors watch and Swarovski bracelets. I absolutely adore the look of combining the cream-colored bracelet with the rose gold and light pink watch. I wear them together almost every day!”

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