Spring 2018’s Biggest Fashion Trends

Many people can’t get enough of the “sweater weather,” but personally, I’ve been daydreaming about springtime since November. I’m a huge baby when it comes to cold weather; for months, all I’ve been wearing are jeans, at least one sweater (sometimes more) and a coat. The standard winter outfit can get really boring after a while, especially if you love diverse fashion like I do. I’m so excited that the weather is starting to warm up again because I finally get to wear all fun outfits I love.

This spring, we’re finally back to having pure, unadulterated fun with clothes and I. Can’t. Wait.

Rainbow Stripes

Bright colors in general are big this season, but outfits have awesome style synergy when they feature bold rainbows of stripes. Multicolored horizontal stripes on a top or a pair of vertical striped pants makes an outfit truly unique; there’s just something so fun about wearing as many colors as possible while still looking fashionable!  

I think the rainbow stripes trend picked up when Gap revived their classic “Crazy Stripe” sweater (which is on sale right now!) for the 2017 holiday season. After seeing nothing but millennial pink for a while, I’m ready to look at any and all other colors, all at once.

Sweaters will soon be all but obsolete here in Florida, so try this trend out in a shirt, dress, jumpsuit or pair of pants when the weather warms up

Polka Dots

This trend has been making rounds in and out of fashion, but you should expect to see it in full swing as the weather warms up. Polka dots are timeless, fun and so versatile! Try dressing you polka dots down by pairing a polka dot blouse with funky denim jeans and some brightly-colored boots or elevate a simple polka dot dress to ultimate French-girl chic with some Mary Jane heels and an adorable beret.

Like most trends, this one started on the runways and made its way down to fast fashion, but I think it really hit its stride in the Valentina Dress by Réalisation par. This dress was all over Instagram last year, and the Réalisation par brand has since been a hit with celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski and Kaia Gerber.

I’ve already got this Réalisation par-inspired dress in both navy and red, but I’ve also got my eye on this fabulous top, these classy pants and this cute skirt.

Palazzo Pants

Last summer’s breakout pants are back and better than before. Featuring this season’s trendiest fabrics and patterns, palazzo pants are the perfect combination of stylish and comfy. The wide-leg cut and lightweight fabric make them perfect for summer: you’ll be able to look cute and stay cool, without sticking to every surface you sit on.

Try them out in polka dot, floral or in classic stripes, and pair them with a boho crop top or a tied-up T-shirt for an summery and whimsical ensemble

White Eyelet Fabric

Quite possibly *the* quintessential summer fabric, white eyelet is popping up all over this spring, on dresses, skirts and tops. Something about this fabric makes me think of a summer picnic in the French countryside.

According to hunker, eyelet fabric is a lightweight, cotton material characterized by a pattern of buttonholes and embroidered designs. It’s elegant yet sturdy, so it’s perfect for running around in this spring and summer.

Wicker Bags

If a white eyelet dress isn’t enough to make you feel like a walking picnic, how about carrying around a literal picnic basket as a purse? The wicker-basket-as-a-bag trend got its legs last summer but this year it’s taking off running. Man Repeller, of course, made this fashion statement early on, but now that these bags are actually accessible to us average consumers, I can’t wait to take it for a spin.

My ideal wicker basket purse would be this one, by the ultimately cool French designer, Amélie Pichard, but since I don’t have 295 euros on me, I’ll probably end up with something like this, from Urban Outfitters. Just as cute, but a lot friendlier to the college student budget.

Springtime is making its comeback soon, but with all these bright outfit ideas, your 2018 style is sure to blossom as beautifully as the flowers will!