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S.O.S. – The Jonas Brothers May Reunite

Rumors have been circulating the internet since Jan. 15 regarding the possibility of the Jonas Brothers reuniting. For all of us Jonatics (the nickname for Jonas Brothers fans), a reunion is all we’ve ever dreamed of. But is it possible? What would a Jonas Brothers reunion consist of?

Let’s not forget that the Jonas Brothers are in-fact brothers by blood. If you really think about it, they never actually broke up. They’ve always been together since birth. Regarding their band, they definitely took a break to work on solo projects like Nick’s solo career, Joe’s role in his band DNCE and Kevin’s family. I never would’ve expected the possibility of a reunion so soon.

The Jonas Brothers went their separate ways in October 2013, after I actually went to one of their last concerts in West Palm Beach, Florida. I was devastated to find out that my favorite band separated after I went to their concert; especially because that was the first concert I ever attended.

Now, almost five years later, rumors are flying that they may get back together. These rumors started when fans noticed how photos reappeared on the band’s Instagram after four years, according to US Weekly.

In the same US Weekly article, Nick Jonas responded to the rumors that he and his brothers may get back together telling E! News, “…I can tell you right now there’s no reunion planned, but never say never, you never know what’s going to happen.”

While Nick confirmed that they aren’t planning a reunion at the moment, there’s no reason we can’t dream about what a Jonas Brothers reunion may be like. Let’s reflect on the possibilities.

They could go on a world tour

This idea is a bit of a stretch, but there’s no reason we can’t hope it’ll happen. What better way to make a comeback as a band than to go on a world tour? A world tour is a great way for fans of all walks of life to come back together. Who wouldn’t want to meet up with fellow Jonas Brothers fans and talk about the good ol’ days? I’d love to reminisce with fellow Jonatics about all the fun times and gossip.

It would make me nostalgic to hear the Jonas Brothers sing their old hit songs like “Burnin’ Up” and “S.O.S.” as mature adults. Not only would it make me happy, but it would also make me feel really old knowing that these were my favorite songs to jam out to in elementary school. If they were to go on a world tour, they should also play their less popular jams such as “Much Better” and “Just Friends,” especially because it would be a tour for the dedicated fans. A big hope that I’d have for a possible Jonas Brothers tour would be if Robert Feggans, known as “Big Rob,” toured with them. Big Rob was the Jonas Brothers’ bodyguard. He’s best known for being featured in their song “Burnin’ Up,” rapping a few verses in the song. It would be absolutely iconic if Big Rob was a guest star for their world tour. I’d definitely pay to see that.

A world tour isn’t very logical though considering Kevin has two young daughters, Alena and Valentina. As a dedicated fan, I wouldn’t expect Kevin to leave his daughters and go tour the world. That surely wouldn’t be reasonable. I’m still holding out hope that this dream can become reality in the future!

They could release a new album

Honestly, I don’t know which possibility is more of a longshot, a Jonas Brothers world tour or them releasing a new album. I think I’d have to go with a new album release.

According to Joe Jonas’ interview with Vulture magazine, one of the reasons they broke up in the first place was because of a disagreement regarding the sound of their band.

As cool as it would be for them to put out new music, it just isn’t the time for them. Nick’s still working on his own solo music as well as music for movies like his song “Home” featured in Ferdinand. DNCE just released their song “DANCE” in January 2018, so Joe Jonas is busy working with his band.

At this point, they’re all on completely different paths in their lives. They’ll always be family, but as a band, they sadly weren’t meant to last. They grew up and all developed their own sound and life goals. Hopefully, a Jonas Brothers reunion will be in our future. Maybe in 10 years? But now just isn’t the time. In the meantime, let’s reminisce about the days of fangirling over their rumored relationships and watching Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience on repeat while we sing from the top of our lungs. Don’t lose hope Jonatics! Nick did say “never say never,” so maybe there’s still a possibility they’ll return. Until then, keep reppin’ that Jonas Brothers pride by throwing it back to their old tunes like “Burnin’ Up.”

Cady Casellas is a sophomore journalism student at the University of Florida. She enjoys listening to music, spending time with her big Cuban family, fangirling over bands and playing with her dogs. She also plays euphonium and is a member of Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity.
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