Sorority Rush Is Over... Now What?

The grueling week of visiting all 16 houses on Sorority Row came to an end last week. Hundreds of girls accepted bids from what will now become their home away from home. It may seem intimidating and scary to learn the names of every girl in your new chapter, but don’t worry! This is the month to integrate yourself into your sorority and really get to know the girls in your pledge class. Here are a couple of tips to help you feel comfortable with your new sisters.

1. Get to know your pledge class 
The girls in your pledge class are going through the same thing as you. You’re not the only one who’s nervous or scared about fitting into this huge group of girls. Your new member educator has several activities planned for your pledge class, so try to make as many of them as you can. There are usually fun games involved to help you learn everyone’s names and get to know more about them.

2. Go to every meal at the house 
This is a good way to meet the older girls in the house. Everyone is welcoming and eager to get to know you, so go ahead and sit with someone you don’t know at every meal. You’re paying to be on the meal plan anyway, so you might as well show up even if your friends aren’t going at the same time as you.

3. Participate in your chapter’s activities 
Each chapter has its own sisterhood events and fun opportunities to bond. Even at socials, in which your sorority pairs with a fraternity to have a party together, you have the most fun when you’re with your sisters. You can also join your chapter’s intramural teams if you like playing soccer, basketball or any other sport your school offers. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve made the best memories when spending time with my sisters at these types of events.

4. Join in on fraternity events 
This is another great way to hang with your sisters while meeting other people in the Greek system. Common events are philanthropies or tailgates. Philanthropies allow you to team up with your sisters to compete against other sororities and raise money for a good cause. These events are so much fun, and they’re an awesome way to spend the day with your sisters.

The best tip I can offer is to not get too overwhelmed! You’ll know most of the girls in your sorority in no time! Just make sure you come around the house and try to go to as many events as you can during your first year as a member. Take advantage of these next four years because being a part of a Greek organization is an incredible experience that shouldn’t go to waste. So, collegiettes™, get ready for your first year in a sorority and enjoy the ride!