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I was among one of the many fashionistas across campus that tuned in to watch clips of New York Fashion Week with legitimate jealousy and sadness in her heart. Although we’re a long way from the holy mecca that is NYC, it’s always nice to see some runway glamor within our collegiettes across campus. That being said, it was amazing to have spotted Grace Wu looking as if she had just touched down from the Big Apple rockin’ her best outfit. Grace looked ultra sophisticated with her sunglasses, oversized scarf and chic bag while adding the perfect pop of print with her cardigan. Keep reading to learn more about her fabulous style!

Name: Grace Wu

Age: 21

Year: senior

Major: marketing

Where is your outfit from? “My sunglasses are from Miu Miu, the purse is from Kate Spade, and the blue cardigan is from Ralph Lauren. The white sweater is from J.Crew, my pants are from Gap, the shoes I bought from Francesca’s, and the scarf is from Urban Outfitters.”

What do you look for when it comes to fashion? I guess fashion to me is knowing what you look good in, and combining that knowledge with popular trends while also keeping up with what’s hot now but investing in classic styles since they are usually the most versatile.”

Who are your favorite designers? “I have so many favorite designers; I really love Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Victoria Beckham and Valentino Garavani.”

Where do you like to shop? “Online shopping is my answer to everything! I do most of my shopping online now because it became so easy. If I’m looking for something specific I would go into certain brand’s stores, but I’m not big on department stores.”

What are your favorite trends right now? “I love crop tops. They have been trending for a while, and now there are many different types of them, some more casual, some sexier. I just really love the look!”

What are you currently obsessing about in your closet? “I just bought a down vest with a faux fur black collar and I am obsessed. It goes with literally everything and makes any outfit look cuter. It’s been keeping me warm too, so it’s perfect!”

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