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Snowy Style: How to Look Cute Both on and off the Slopes

With so many fraternity ski trips and snowy Spring Break trips happening this semester, it’s important for you to know not only what to pack for the slopes, but also how to dress cute throughout the trip. Whether you are on the mountain actually skiing, drinking a hot chocolate slopeside or just staying cozy inside the lodge, there are certainly many ways to stay warm and cute even while all bundled up!

Skiing or snowboardingJackets: There are many style choices you can make in order to avoid looking like a puffy marshmallow on the slopes. There’s the classic puffy down-filled option, the belted puffy coat with a cinched waist, as well as the insulated ski coat (which has a more fitted appearance). My favorite is the third option. This coat is not only more figure-flattering than the others, but it is also easier to ski in due to the lack of bulk. Color is also an important choice when it comes to ski coats. If you want to take cute photos while skiing or snowboarding with your friends, I would recommend choosing a pastel color over a neon colored option. Pastels give off a delicate, feminine appearance on the slopes, and they are easier to mix and match with different colored scarves and beanies.Makeup: Waterproof makeup is your friend in the snow! But don’t wear too much. First, you should apply a facial sunscreen because the sun reflects off the snow and you will likely get sunburned if you forget sunscreen. Then, add a touch of waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner, which will keep you looking sporty yet natural throughout the day.Hair: Whether you’re wearing goggles, a beanie or a helmet, hair is an important part of the ski ensemble. Wearing your hair down is not a good idea because it can lead to tangles from the wind or from falling in the snow. My favorite look is to make a loose braid. That way, with the wind, they’ll end up a little bit messy, but it will look sporty and intentional rather than sloppy.

Drinking a hot chocolate slopesideSometimes you would rather just hang out watching people ski by the window instead of actually skiing. Slopeside restaurants and diners are definitely warmer than the slopes, but they aren’t quite as warm as the ski lodge because of the breeze the skiers bring in each time they come inside. In this scenario, you are able to incorporate more trendy separates into your look. Monogrammed scarves are a new favorite of mine, and Marley Lilly has tons of prints and colors to mix and match. Not only is this a stylish piece, but it’s also a practical one as you will still be chilly slopeside.Structured waterproof boots are a necessity at this point. Oftentimes you will have to trek through snow to get to the slopeside restaurant. If the boots are not waterproof, they will often lose their shape and may become stained from the snow. One of my favorite waterproof boot brands is North Face. They can easily trek through the snow and they are complete with a furry stylish trim to keep them feminine. When you are slopeside, it is a good time to wear your favorite pair of jeans or jeggings with a oversized long cardigan. Put a lacy cami underneath to complete the look.

Staying cozy inside the lodgeOne of the most relaxing parts to a ski trip is when you are able to hang out talking with your friends inside the cozy lodge. This is the perfect time to pull out your leggings or yoga pants and get comfy by the fireplace. Off-the-shoulder oversized sweaters look cute with leggings and are extremely comfortable when hanging out.Don’t feel like styling your hair? Let it dry naturally and wear a cute beanie instead. Most designers sell beanies around this time of year in just about any color, and there are also bejeweled or sequined styles if that floats your boat. Also, the best type of shoe to wander around the lodge in would have to be moccasins. They bring about an earthy vibe and usually are lined with fur or sheepskin so you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Staying cozy and cute in snowy weather is definitely possible for any collegiette on a fraternity ski trip or weekend getaway. With the right pieces, you can look effortlessly fashionable both on and off the slopes!

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