Seven Tips to Get You Through Flu Season

Cold air has finally made its way to Gainesville and unfortunately, germs have arrived along with it. Don’t be a passive victim of the dreadful flu season; use these seven tips to help you navigate through the germ-infested battle field that is UF’s campus during the winter.

1. Get your flu shot.
This is the simplest and most effective way to avoid the flu. UF students can now get their free flu shots at the infirmary or at Shands Hospital. Nurses will even be stationing flu shot booths at the Reitz Union Colonnade, the Plaza of the Americas and at certain residence hall areas, so there really is no excuse. Take five minutes out of your day to get your free shot and save yourself, and your roommates, from weeks of suffering.
2. Wash your hands well and often.
Wash your hands whenever you get the chance and use hot water and lots of soap. This is a basic rule of human hygiene, which so many people choose to ignore. And remember, Purell doesn’t count! It loses its effectiveness over time.
3. Take your vitamins.
Vitamins are essential to maintaining your body’s equilibrium and overall health. Try including a multivitamin and vitamin C pills in your everyday routine. If you aren’t a fan of vitamin pills, try getting key nutrients into your system through a more natural way by eating fruits and vegetables. Your mom forced you to eat them for a reason; they are the best nutrition choice for keeping you healthy.

4. Avoid touching doors.
Germs live and multiply happily and freely on those unassuming doorknobs or hand bars. Avoiding touching these may be tricky but should be done at all costs. If you were making an effort to stay healthy and germ free, touching the doors would basically be like touching a snotty tissue; you are asking for it at that point. Carry paper towels with you, use your sleeve or push the door open with your hip – whatever it takes to not touch a dirty surface.

5. Avoid sick people.
You know the ones who always end up sitting right next to you in the lecture auditoriums. Just move to another seat; don’t worry about being rude. Your health is more important than their feelings. Plus, instead of being grossed out and annoyed by their presence, you will actually pay attention in class: a win win!

6. Go to the gym.
Exercise is also very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Since you are putting effort into protecting your health, why not go one step further and try to improve it as well? Hit the gym for at least an hour three times a week. It is good for you in more ways than one.

7. Lucky number seven.
Sometimes a pinch of luck is a necessary component to staying healthy. Some unlucky people just always seem to be sick while others seem to be super human beings with the immunities of a robot. Sometimes it’s in the luck of the draw.