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The Scoop on the New Shops at Target

For Target’s latest “The Shops” collaboration, it enlisted the help of four boutiques from New York, Boston and San Francisco to create a collection ranging from women’s wear to home décor.

Kirna Zabête, The Curiosity Shoppe, Odin and Patch NYC all came together to bring their own unique styles to the collection, which opened Sept. 9. Although in the past, it’s been preferable to arrive at Target early to get the items you want, and by early, I mean before the store even opens, The Shops have given buyers a little more time in bed.

I arrived at Target at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday to find that some of the home décor items had already sold out and a few of the clothing pieces were limited in size, but overall there was no rushing crowd or Missoni/Jason Wu scene to deal with. Everything I had hoped to find was still in stock. The lack of crowds over The Shops has led me to wonder on multiple occasions why Target would mess with the designer collaborations that were such hits, but with the upcoming mother-of-all-designer collaborations in December, I guess we can let this slide for now.

We’ll start with Kirna Zabête’s collaboration, which is created by the owners of the Manhattan boutique, and consists of floral prints, jewelry with lips and printed dresses. The collection spans from clothing to accessories, and in my opinion is designed for a slightly older clientele. One of the most sought-after items at the store was the faux leather skirt – and it was already picked over by the time I arrived. Although the quality is good, the clothes are not items I would usually buy. However, I did pick up a black sheer blouse that comes in multiple colors and has a great fit and an edgy look. The prices range from $9.99 for jewelry to $199.99 for a leather jacket, and some of my favorite pieces in the store are the pullover sweaters. Overall, the collection is fun and funky, and if you are looking for printed trench coats, bold jewelry or chic and wearable bags, I’d definitely recommend getting an item or two.

The next collaboration is with Odin, a New York-based menswear boutique. This collaboration marks the first one I have seen besides Missoni that features a lot of options for guys. The collection is made up of a lot of flannel shirts, jackets and pullovers. I have to say, ladies, if you are looking for a stylish gift to get your boyfriend or husband this collection is a good place to because it has reasonable prices and high quality items. It’s also trendy enough for you to feel like you’ve done your part as a girlfriend and comfortable enough that your man will love it.

In my opinion, the home section of this Shops collaboration is the strong point. Pulling from Patch NYC and the Curiosity Shoppe’s whimsy style, the items are fun and feature a large range of choices. Patch focuses on bedding, pillows, rugs and décor. Some of the cutest items in the store were the pillows with stags on them, animal coasters and candle holders in the shapes of owls. The collection also includes lamps, dishes and book ends that continue on with the animal theme and are definitely vintage looking yet chic at the same time.

I would have to say Patch NYC is my favorite part of the new collection, but The Curiosity Shoppe gives it a run for its money. I purchased the colorful dish towels that look great in my kitchen as a pop of color, but my other favorite items in the store were the quirky dishes, the chalkboard and the fun sets including stamps, cards and gift boxes. The prices are pretty reasonable, and if you are someone who loves color in the kitchen, I would highly suggest picking up a couple pieces before they are all snatched up.

Overall, if the collection is something you are interested in buying from, I’d recommend going to the store sooner rather than later. Most items can be purchased online from www.target.com, and the one suggestion I have is that if last time was any indicator, most of the pieces went on sale pretty quickly after the release. If you’re willing to take the chance that you might not get what you want to save a few bucks, I’d definitely wait to see if some of the clothing items get marked down. Best of luck and happy shopping!

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