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Saying Hello to Summer in the Swamp with the HC Survival Kit

The cool breezes of spring semester are over, Gator ladies, and the blistering-hot, rain-drenched Gainesville summer is upon us — unless you’re studying abroad in a temperate paradise, in which case, good for you. The key to making the best of your summer is to be prepared. The HC Summer Survival Kit has all the goodies we need to melt away our worries this summer.

Treat Your Body
Even if it stops you from wearing your favorite white bikini, you can at least be feeling pampered on your period this summer with Monthly Gift, the period subscription service that might actually make you excited to receive your more natural montly gift.
While clean-shaven legs may not be your top priority in the off-months, Pure Silk Shave Cream will keep you smooth and moisturized after long days at the pool. 

Calm Your Mind
Summer is a time to forget for a moment the extremely self-motivated, involved student you’ve become and let loose. Use the Spots app to easily find afforable places to rent from other students without going through the normal hassle that would require you to snap back to your fall and spring go-getter alterego. 

Get the Look
Vera Bradley is our go-to summer look. With their fun, floral design and conveniently small size and wrist bands, we’re bringing our Vera Bradley ID case everywhere this summer. These are perfect for bringing anywhere from music festivals to an afternoon date at the park.
You can also look great while staying hydrated this summer. Our adorable Camelbak water bottles are perfect for keeping our drinks cool without looking clunky or obnoxious. Pick your favorite color and you’re set to look cute with your favorite drinks all summer. 

We’ll miss the friends, the weather and the football games of the other semesters, but with this set of goodies, who’s complaining?

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