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Sassy Scooters: The Mod Transportation

Transportation has always been a topic of concern for college students. We have places to go and things to do. But on a campus where finding a parking spot is like a game of “Where’s Waldo”, we’re constantly on the look-out for an easier way to get around.

Enter the scooter. Aside from looking posh being available in a variety of colors, it has some pros that really save you time and money.

The Hunt for Red Spaces
Scooter parking is widespread on campus and with no area limits. Even if you see a long line of parked scooters, chances are you’ll still be able to squeeze in somewhere. While out and about, you can easily park behind another scooter if spaces are limited (just be sure to leave enough room for the other person to get out).

Prudent at the Pump
Gas is expensive and it seems gas is more expensive the closer you are to campus. But no fear! Scooters only take about a gallon of gas. Depending on how often you run your scooter, it could last you for weeks. This is quite a relief for every collegiette’s wallet. Not to mention your carbon footprint is significantly smaller.

Easy-Peasy Maintenance
Scooters are also easy to care for. A bit of oil once in awhile and running it at least once a week is all that’s really necessary. However, I recommended you get a cover for weather is on the rainy side.

Of course, there are a few downsides as well. Scooters and cold weather will never be the best of friends. When it gets really chilly, they are slow to start and may require a bit of patience and a little extra effort by way of the kick-start. Therefore, some people say they aren’t as reliable. Also, there is a perceived greater risk to riding on a scooter. Car drivers aren’t always paying attention to scooters and motorcycles as much as other cars. As long as you’re alert and wear a helmet you should be fine.

That being said, scooters are still a fun, easy way to get around. The costs are much lower than that of a car, and there’s no waiting for a bus on a beautiful day. What better way to travel than in smart style?

Stay classy, ladies!

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