That’s A Wrap: Tax Returns, Health Issues, Wildfires and the Hard Rock Hotel

Monday, October 7:

- A federal judge ruled that President Donald Trump must turn over his tax returns. 

- At the Orlando International Airport,  a woman boarded an airplane without identification or a boarding pass. 


Tuesday, October 8: 

- Trump said he would withdraw troops from Northern Syria. 

- Many in California have experienced power outages as a precaution due to peak wildfire seasons and high winds. 

- Simone Biles won her 21st world championship medal, setting a new record for the most medals awarded to a female gymnast. 


Wednesday, October 9: 

-A gunman tried to enter a synagogue during a Yom Kippur service in Germany, while livestreaming the attack on social media.

-Former NBC employee Brooke Nevils is speaking out for the first time, after two years, since “Today Show” host Matt Lauer was fired after sexual assault allegations.


Thursday, October 10: 

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guifolye spoke at the University of Florida, drawing national attention. 

- The Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing are under fire for their failure to adequately review the Boeing 737 Max. 


Friday, October 11:

- A new study found that polystyrene, a commonly found ocean pollutant, decomposes in the sunlight faster than originally thought. 

- The CDC has warned health officials that vaping-related illness symptoms may be similar to the flu. 

Jane Fonda was arrested while protesting climate change.


Saturday, October 12:

James Comey, former director of the FBI, wants to help end the Trump presidency, although he's said a letter he wrote about Hillary Clinton helped hand Trump the election. 

- The Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans, which is currently under construction, partially collapsed injuring more than 20 people. 


Sunday, October 13: 

- Hunter Biden, whose business dealings have been highlighted during the Trump impeachment inquiry, has stepped down from the board of the company, BHR.


Stay tuned for next week’s week in review!