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That’s A Wrap: A Royal Exit, Midair Emergencies & National Security Threats

Jan. 13

– Protests began in Iran after the country’s Revolutionary Guard mistakenly shot down a plane.

– The Queen announced her support of Harry and Meghan’s Royal exit.

– Attorney General William Barr said the December attack on the Pensacola Navy base was an act of terrorism.


Jan.  14

– A Delta flight was forced to dump jet fuel over a school playground due to a midair emergency.

– The final Democratic debate took place in Iowa with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren facing off.

– Experts warned that dating apps may pose a national security threat.


Jan. 15

– House Democrats delivered the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.

– A new lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein surfaced alleging that he ran an underage sex ring.

– Puerto Rico was hit with a 5.2 magnitude earthquake.


Jan. 16

– The FBI arrested a group of suspected white supremacists ahead of a gun rally.

– The New York Mets manager, Carlos Beltran, has been removed amid a cheating scandal.

– A plane made an emergency landing after an apparent engine fire.

– NBCUniversal unveiled a new streaming service.


Jan. 17

– The CDC plans to screen for a new mystery disease from China.

– The Grammys Leader, Deborah Dugan, was suspended after a misconduct allegation.

– Los Angeles teachers filed a lawsuit against Delta Airlines over the emergency fuel dump over a schoolyard.


Jan. 18

– Prince Harry and Meghan were officially relieved of their Royal duties.

– Major winter storms swept the U.S. bringing chilling temperatures and snow storms.


Jan. 19

– Two officers died in a home shooting in Honolulu. 

– Puerto Rico residents were outraged at the discovery of a warehouse filled with unused aid from Hurricane Maria.

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