That’s A Wrap: Free College, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Area 51 & Climate Change Protests

Monday, September 16: 

- Cornell University is making medical school free for those who qualify for financial aid. 

- Working Families Party backed Elizabeth Warren in the same way they backed Bernie Sanders in 2016. 

Tuesday, September 17: 

- KFC is testing a new kind of sandwich: Chicken & Doughnuts. 

- California added Iowa to their travel ban over a refusal to fund gender transitions

- A Manhattan district attorney subpoenaed eight years of President Trump’s tax returns. 

- The Trump Administration ended California’s authority to set its own pollution rules. 

Wednesday, September 18: 

- The federal interest rate dropped by a quarter point.

- Sixteen-year-old Greta Thunberg testified before a congressional subcommittee urging leaders to listen to scientists about climate change.

- America’s abortion rate dropped to the lowest in history. 

Thursday, September 19: 

- Canada’s Prime Minister is under scrutiny after a photograph of him wearing brownface makeup from 2001 surfaced. 

A blind singer with autism won ‘America’s Got Talent’

Friday, September 20:

- Climate change protests took place across the world as students walked out of class to urge leaders to address warming temperatures on Earth.

- The FBI is under fire for obtaining personal data from more personal companies than previously disclosed

Saturday, September 21:

- The Boeing 737 Max malfunctions caused two deadly crashes due to malfunctions, but unprepared pilots are also a problem.

Sunday, September 22: 

Bernie Sanders called for eliminating America’s medical debt.

- No one actually stormed Area 51, but the event did draw Earthlings to Nevada.

Stay tuned for next week’s week in review!