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Rollin’ to Class: The Kickboard Campus Scooter

If you were a kid of the ‘90s, you remember ridin’ dirty on a push scooter. They were the perfect mode of transportation to jet to your friend’s house down the street or a speedy means to make it to the bus stop after downing a Pop Tart.

But now that we’re beyond driving age (that took forever, right?), we’re in a sticky spot when it comes to transportation — especially on a college campus. At UF, parking your car on campus is a nightmare and riding your bike is a death wish with all of the pedestrian traffic and buses. Most of us opt to tread campus by foot — but when it’s as hot as it has been/ if we’re running late to class, walking isn’t exactly ideal.

So when I was sent a Kickboard Campus Scooter to test out, I was excited to see what it had to offer. We were sent two scooters, so my events team member, Ashley, and I took our new wheels for a spin down sorority row.

I don’t think we’ve had that much fun simply playing around in a while.

The scooter was super easy to take out of the box (no assembly required!), so we were able to ride them almost immediately.

Ashley and I loved how hassle-free the scooters are and they’re SUPER easy to maneuver. The breaks are great and the steering is precise — a major advantage over dodging pedestrians while riding on bikes!

We also took our scooters for a ride to our friend’s apartment, which would have normally been a 15-minute walk, and it took us only 5 minutes! These scooters are HUGE timesavers. Plus, we turned plenty of heads while riding our new scooters! So many people stopped us to chat about our new rides! 

Thank goodness we’re only one month into school, because now Ashley and I have the rest of the year to trim our travel time and to do it in style.

Check out Kickboard USA here:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KickboardCampus
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/KickboardCampus
Pinterest http://pinterest.com/kickboardusa/

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