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Rising Beauty Influencers You Need to Follow

If you’ve ever looked up a makeup tutorial, chances are you’ve seen Jeffree Star, Jaclyn Hill and James Charles. Even though these influencers, among others, provide great beauty tips and have fun personalities, there are other up-and-coming beauty influencers you should follow! They may not have a huge following yet, but they are still extremely talented and provide different views on makeup.

A lot of these beauty influencers are gaining popularity fast, so you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to follow them as they become more of an influence in the beauty community. Their different techniques will help you to find what works best for you and the types of makeup tutorials that you are looking for. Here is a list of some of the rising beauty influencers that you should check out:

Brooke MacKenzie @bybrookelle

She posts gorgeous makeup looks on her Instagram — the perfect inspiration if you’re looking to switch up your look. She does some fun, creative looks, but a majority of her posts are of everyday makeup that you could easily replicate and wear to class or work.

Melly Sanchez @thefashionfreakk

This beauty influencer posts step-by-step videos of how she does her makeup. They’re a great way to learn more about beauty products because she shows everything she uses to get each look. Next time you’re out shopping, you’ll know exactly what you need to get the look you want and what should work best for you. Her posts are especially perfect for you if you’re looking to include more creativity and color into your makeup looks.

Lena Bagrowska @lenkalul

Bagrowska also posts videos showing what she uses for each look, making them that much easier to replicate at home. She also occasionally does creative makeup looks. Recently, she posted several Halloween looks if you want to start practicing for next year!

Ani Goulayan @vanitymakeup

If you are trying to find great glam makeup looks, you should follow this beauty influencer. She posts pictures and videos of looks perfect for a night out in the club or in the city. Goulayan will inspire you for a lifetime of bold looks.

Cole Carrigan @colecarrigan

Cole is rising in the beauty community because of his recent video collaborations with YouTubers like Jeffree Star and Jake Paul. He is extremely talented and most of his work revolves around special effects. If you want to learn more about this type of makeup, you could learn a thing or two from his Instagram. His every day looks are just as amazing.

Now that you’re equipped with fresh inspiration, now’s the time to try out some new looks!

Ashlyn Jones is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and she is a fourth-year journalism major at the University of Florida.
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