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Revamping Your Room, Revamping Your Lifestyle

It has been over a year since COVID-19 has swept through the United States and put many of our lives on pause. Gradually, this pandemic has forced many of us to adapt to new lonely lifestyles, such as Zoom lectures and movie dates, working from home and limited gatherings. Throughout the months, I have picked up on a few hobbies, organizational strategies and design tricks to keep me paving my way through the new Zoom world, starting with changing my room.

Changing Your Study Space

The transition from on-campus, libraries and coffee shops to our rooms has not been an easy one. We have collided our resting, working and studying spots into one place, which can be very hard on the mind. People’s moods and levels of productivity can vary from each space. This is why it is vital to create spaces within your home dedicated to each element in your life, whether it’d be working, studying or resting.

According to Lumen Learning Blog, “Using your bed primarily for sleeping, for example, may make it easier to fall asleep yet less effective for studying. The reverse is true as well: studying in bed can lead to insomnia because that space becomes associated with the mental stimulation of learning, making it harder to unwind and relax at bedtime.” Many of us, including myself, have planted their working station, sleeping nest and studying area all on our beds. Because of this, I tend to fall asleep (literally) on assignments, procrastinate my work and forget school lectures.

Verywell Mental Health blog states that aesthetics play a major role in how an environment like a bedroom can affect your mental health and overall productivity. Cluttered spaces can be overwhelming and generate feelings of anxiety and sadness while promoting lazy behavior. Meanwhile, a tidy room can invoke a sense of calmness and productivity.

Verywell suggests redecorating your space by playing around with colors and objects that are meaningful to you. In addition, sensory details may seem small but can stimulate your mind to be pushed into new gears. Lighting, sounds, smells and visuals like colors are all key in affecting how you will feel towards work, school and rest. Dark, loud and cold spaces can lead to an unmotivated approach. However, fresh smells, new lighting, vibrant colors and a comfortable temperature can promote motivation.

Putting The Methods To Work

Upon gaining new insights into organization, room decor and sensory details, I got to work.

I demolished my forgotten pre-COVID desk covered in useless items, gadgets and memories collected from before the pandemic, wiping away everything of my old normal. Rather than live in the past, which now seems like a fantasy land, it’s better to live in the new while being aware of the pandemic.

I purchased magazine holders that would contain all the important clutter ranging from bills, documents and books, making sure they were not transparent as to not have any visible clutter. Because I was making my revamped desk into my new workstation, I incorporated elements such as a nifty computer stand so I would not be tempted to lounge with my laptop on my bed. Also, I paired it with a mechanical keyboard and mouse solely for the satisfying sound of clicking and clacking. Mechanical keyboards and mouses can be found all over the web in varying different colors to fit your aesthetic and enhance your experience.

Because my desk is mostly school-oriented, I transferred over all textbooks, notebooks and materials for easy access and to give the space a scholarly ambiance. Once put together, I had created one of my favorite spaces ever. The neatness, personality and vibrance of the school vibe turned out to be just what I needed to overthrow my procrastination and replace it with motivation.

More Than School

As mentioned earlier, our rooms have become more than just our resting area, and they affect how we go about our day. I had created my studying space to a perfect T, but something was still missing, so I decided to further work with my sensory details to better enhance my room.

Visually, I picked up a new hobby focused on potted, fresh flowers. I bought from stores like Publix and Trader Joe’s, which offer affordable prices for the plants. The flowers not only brought numbers of colors to my environment but also kept me busy. My mind was stimulated beyond studying and working; it also concentrated on making sure my flowers were healthy because their healthiness promoted my happiness.

Beyond the new floral visuals, I picked up the importance of scents. I searched for my favorite smells, like eucalyptus due to its positive effect on alertness and prevention of lethargy, aside from the fact it smells amazing. Paired with my new flower friends, my environment had come along brightly.

The pandemic has brought many unforeseen circumstances towards the forefront of our lives, but it has also pushed us to reinvent our new normal. Revamping your room to promote a better sense of self and lifestyle does not fall short of being considered reinvention. Taking on a revamping can change your overall productivity, mood and help improve your mental health. With my fresh desk setup and even fresher smelling room, I can attest to that.

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